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  1. If a sky map was added in the same space as caves then that would just mean cave servers would be more computationally heavy. I'm sure Klei have their reasons but I have always wondered why DST didn't have dynamic loading in regards to the spacial playfield. Caves servers having to run at all time even with no players in it? I know there is some off-local pausing to save resources but, still, entire server's up? Maybe there are some core design flaw that props up regarding dynamic loading that I wouldn't know of, or it's just hard. Always easy to imagine, less so implementing. Minecraft doesn't seem to struggle running layers on/off dynamically if players are present or not. I wonder how it does that, if every dimension is actually like DST and also just have dedicated servers always running in the background, just that they're empty and ready to load the chunks on demand? Presumably, it is what it is simply because the infrastructure wasn't built with this wild expansion ideas in mind. And infrastructure change I take it is like... why not just make a whole other game from scratch at that point.
  2. Bit of a side track but I wish the clicking itself wasn't so fiddly. I do love to use the game's shortcut for putting items back in my pocket with right-clicking, I use it all the time and wouldn't want to see it go. But man when planting a hundred pinecones and loosing grip of them every time. Or when night comes as a surprise and you just had to click the campfire on a tiny edge of geometry and the building option is removed. Maybe I'd prefer faulty placement to not remove the item from cursor but just say no.
  3. Nnnno I feel like that's conflating detail with story. That's a JK Rowling move, of posting on twitter how wizards poop'd pants. Detail is just the superficial, the clothes, language and time as I put it in my analogy with how Romeo and Juliet can be presented as a story. If it doesn't play a part in the conversation then it isn't story? Does it matter what colour of Romeo's shirt is? Does it matter that Wendy struggled with various boardgames? Not.. quite. If it had something actually substantial written in it then sure, but, like how I said about repeating dialogue, it doesn't seem to add anything new to a conversation. As for the story prior to DST. Well it didn't close down the doors for wildly interesting that's for sure. It was certainly dubious where the characters motives laid, yet their dialogue towards the world as it was made it excitedly easy to imagine a past of intricate horrors. Wes' mystery was as I have put it before the most ingenious dialogue the story spoke to us in all of Don't Starve. Not only is he of a comical stature but he was at the time the most innocent out of all characters, yet he was the most punished by Maxwell out of anyone, maybe only for his aforementioned stature. The mystery behind his silence, his sin towards Maxwell and his unassuming stature is a joke that works on so many levels. This intricate kind of storytelling, is absent. Arguably we are on topic. One of the fill ins for the poll is to find the lore satisfactory.
  4. Ah, well as in; just for story that is; relative to how much comes in each update. The updates themselves aren't too bad. Mm.. Though, I find even the playability of them is a bit on the dry side. So.. Timing is neat in terms of where on the calendar we're putting our pins I think, uh, the amount of content is something left to desire.. I mean how many years have we been circling around "so there were the ancients", and now for.. is it another year? we've been taking one step into "and also the moon ancients". Honestly, look, I kinda want to dwell on a thing here since I feel I simplified it, the ancients themselves isn't necessarily easy as I put it. I believe entire kingdoms and cultures have hold traits much like individuals themselves, that's what a culture is; a personality on large scale. But their motives needs to be apparent, otherwise it isn't a clash of great moral questions, it's anonymous tribalism and superficiality. Anonymity works alright as a setting to explore the individuals conversations in an environment where larger context isn't the goal, but yeah I argue the war is taking too much priority and so we are left with a hollow conversation. No story. The point is, war is a conversation, many timeless stories is conflict and any conflict is varying levels of war. The conversation we are hearing from the DST mythos of ancients are... about what. Why should we care. The conversation is unravelling itself slow, has been going on for years and we don't even know what it's about. And the conversation we used to listen to, the relationship between every character and their purpose towards the constant, has been glanced over to make way for this war. And become stagnant by putting a period on them. But why say that, what does that mean. Uh, boy can I write like essays about this but so for example. The latest cinematic shows Winona cares for Charlie. Yeah it is conversation, but is it new argument or are we hearing the conversation repeat? So to say. I think the most amount of rebuttal we ever got was from Wendy's update maybe? But to me it feels rather like it was a cinematic that diffused the conversation. It cemented arguments and put a fullstop there. There were so many questions that all faded with "No no no, they love each other, just an accident and they both wanted her back so they just went ahead and did that."
  5. It's something to do. If you have nothing else to do. The glowing ball will be the ultimate worth of the biome. This is a tangent but. I can't comprehend any time people say "there is so much lore". The bar for what counts as lore is damn low. It surprised me when it was brought up at all from Woodie's update. Was Wigfrid's update really any different? Even Willow? Comments going all "so yam-packed with lore." She was just flailing around mouth wide open. Cementing ideas we were fully aware of. Are we getting story or a leisure brochure of the Don't Starve mythos? Actually that is the distinction isn't it. Lore is fodder to paint the walls. Story is what I'm craving. Lore is what clothes, language and time Romeo and Juliet are presented in. Story is the timeless moral dilemmas, the choices that shape their fate and their personalities interacting with each other. It's like each character now has been turned into something so rudimentary in order to impatiently rush aside the human and give the whole ancients thing all the attention. Yet the ancients is a limelight forever in the horizon of the story because it is only allowed to trickle down along with the slow updates. Lore is easy. Anyone can think up civilizations, brutalize their fate, and have some fantastical vague magic in it. We've heard that story a thousand times. What's difficult is personal investment. Character motivation. But we're seeing all these character's be scrubbed clean, to serve as pawns, butlers, tools to lazily take the story into the next chapter. They strictly serve the plot, not the plot serving to highlight their relationships, morals and struggles. I have no sympathy or love for any of these glorified dress up dolls any longer. There is no story.
  6. It's funny how your analogy seems to think it's more appropriate to equate transmuted flesh as the wood ash and bug dung as crushed dead bugs?
  7. I might've missed this from long ago or something obvious in general, but um, I've been wondering about these symbols on the ancient mural recently. The varying levels of detail put into the whatever it is this symbol depicts strikes me as if there is some intent behind it's design and not just an arbitrary choice of aesthetic shape to balance out the canvas with. What would you suppose it is..? Just crab.. claws?
  8. I wonder if Klei's staff are paid by amount of puns per hour.
  9. Yeah uh, what connects the fountains to the clockworks except one of the fountains' bulb-shape is close to one of the parts for one of the clockworks? Unless Klei are just humouring themselves with making character dialogue based off of the forums speculations at the time the rest of the fountains look like they are made of thulecite and moonrocks, it would be amusing to imagine Maxwell stumbled upon just the glass bowl alone and from there figured that it's purpose must've been part of a greater plan involving a whole ensemble of robotic chess pieces. Maxwell has to be referring to something else with that quote?
  10. I think.. only servers with the mod installed gives players access to all skins, so in theory every server ever would need it installed? Sounds highly illegal to distribute, making money off of it or not. I wouldn't use words like disgusting personally though.
  11. If it was in the game I'd not be able to go back without it. But it is just subsidiary isn't it? Unless there was emphasis on intriguing AI synergy.
  12. Normally I'd find that too obscure and simply put unintuitive solutions that requires wiki's are generally not good ideas to implement. However I don't find this unintuitive. Obscure still but as mentioned about how the game mechanics and visual hints can be considered to have communicated a hint good enough I don't find it obscure in a bad way but as a rewarding quest. Not to mention, It's also a rather difficult task just getting to the pillars to even begin worrying about how to fill it in. It's all the way down in the caves. If you fair well up to that point I would personally have faith in the player to be capable enough to fill in the blanks themselves from there, little doubts.