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  1. Absolutely. Just chiming in to confirm my approval. I'm always going on about the uselessness of tools.
  2. Remember the thread about "rising difficulty" by evolving the world like in example; terraria? You know what I at least think would be radical for the glass tools? What if the moon islands had some sort of trial, just any trial as long as it's fun, a boss, or maybe that you had to manage your way through the harsh landscapes, really anything cool that works well. And then this unlocks moon glass being available in various ways across most of the regular island as an end result? Glass enemies sometimes lurking around and dropping them, maybe glass creatures being part of hound waves so it's at least not adding more intrusiveness on the already intrusive time loop of the game, meteors of the glass type in some places, trades being available from some new kind of pig king-functioning creature? Just, evolve the world by doing a trial players can instantiate at their own pace and not wait around for. EDIT: You know I kinda realised this is a thematic change from being a struggling unknowing survivor to being a thriving conqueror of the environment. And while I'm usually against thematic bloat, confusion or changes, in this case I feel like I've thrown my arms into the air and gone kinda "game's theme has been disturbed long ago anyway. Might as well commit so it's fun and not painfully indecisive." MORE EDIT: Boy I sure love words. It's not even the worst change in theme I suppose. It reflects the player base if anything. There are practically zero mysteries left to uncover. Both in lore and knowing the gameplay itself in and out, so yeah, we conquered it. Let's make that conquest more fun?
  3. Spreading gameplay as thinly as possible across time. Question is, what's the intent with glass tools. Is it supposed to be used for single one-time situations like birchnut treeguards and toadstool? Or is it an upgrade from normal tools? As an upgrade, it's not worth the time effort or anything currently. I'd personally wish it was an permanent kind of upgrade. But, but, but, it's both too easy to get, right off the bat, just boat there. And as mentioned it's too grindy and brittle to sustain any worthwhile long term needs. See, it's both too easy and not worth it at the same time. Grinding isn't difficulty. It tedium. It's microtransaction kind of design. As an permanent upgrade that is. For what it is- useful for only getting a little upper hand on bosses, I guess it serves it's purpose. I don't know how much it actually helps, maybe not even enough. Maybe it does. I find this dull either way.
  4. Oh my, Queen Wes is lore? Sorry for going on about hearing voices in my head
  5. Well, yeah, indeed. Part of why I'm pointing it out is because of just that, I find screaming to be out of place when instruments had been established. We just heard Charlie laugh with a human laugh as well. Equally weird is it not? I don't think it's the most far fetched thing to assume this trailer just decided to switch over to human voices for some unknown reasons. Out of place or not. I'm can't lie and say I'm not indisputably interpreting a scream.
  6. I guess I'm gonna have to listen to the in-game sound of the Malbatross because I'm absolutely not hearing it by a long shot in this trailer. Are you wearing headphones or not? I can hear very detached layered screaming, one going "aaauuuu!" sounds too clear throated and human to be part of the Malbatross' much longer lasting screech surely
  7. What about Wes and Warly screaming with human voices just seconds before It would be hilarious if the first voice we ever heard was Wes
  8. Klei, the Turf system needs work.

    I really shouldn't indulge when I don't know. Klei would answer this right hahah. However, with the examples I put forward (which again, I don't know if they are comparable to Klei's system) I don't reckon it would do any difference in GPU performance, definitely not for placing and removing anything back and forth. It would presumably be more like a subtle constant performance hit the more intricate your designs get that are on-screen. Like this; the more variations in the sorting-layer you'd want for one kind of turf (having for example Cobblestone both below and above other turfs simultaneously, like you keep stacking them on top next to each other; cobblestone otherTuft cobblestone otherTurf cobblestone otherTurf...) the more instances of that cobblestone turf it would have to instantiate. This is why I used the just now made-up terminology of "islands", they would be separate instances in memory. And the impact would be only on CPU performance I reckon. And I also have zero clues how much more CPU it would demand without trying, naturally. Maybe not enough to cause issues? Even if you go out of your way to stack Turfs in such a way that every single grid on screen is an unique instance? I'm betting it would though. Here's some questions I have myself; if we have all the different kinds of turfs that there are available in DST on screen all at once, does performance take a hit? What if we mod in fifty more unique turfs and have them on screen all at once? Is there a limit to how many Turfs DST can have? If it would perform worse, I think that confirms that they are separate instances in each type of turf?
  9. Klei, the Turf system needs work.

    Yes though what I'm saying is this is incompatible with how turfs are currently designed and presumably rendered in the game. This is how the masking of tiles are sliced in the game, they bleed over the grid in order to prevent touching turfs to not have an empty void between them. If we take a closer look at the group of tiles at the bottom, what would the game engine have to do in order to place another grass-turf on this grid and render it above the rocks? It would have to create an separate entity of sorts to render this part of the tile on top of the rock while still keeping the other grass behind the rocks. Would it not? It is also as you can see can cause some potential whimsical clipping going on where a tiny part of the rock still sticks out so the grass doesn't look completely connected. EDIT:
  10. Klei, the Turf system needs work.

    Funny how there are two turf topics appearing this timely to one another. I'm assuming here, but from what I think makes sense development-vise; one type of turf will always have one set priority due to design limitations. If it was a variable that changed based on what turf was placed last, it would change that turf's priority across the entire board, whole world. I suppose it wouldn't be impossible to imagine "turf islands" being coded into the game, connected turfs of one sort that each had their own priorities based on what order these islands were created. The general questions are; what happens when an island merges with another at different priorities? What would this and several islands do to performance?
  11. Due to how the tiles are sliced, structured and how texture masking works anything else presumably had their drawbacks. Either in the workload, (performance too I assume), and just doing it the minecraft way of sudden harsh square transitions was something they probably didn't find pretty enough. EDIT: Just to throw in my two cents as well. I've had my own many many personal disagreements with the decisions regarding what tile goes over what. But after learning about the grid bleeding limitations cobblestone road is not one of them any longer. I've always interpreted it as an old overgrown kind of path. The way grass frames it makes sense to me. I wouldn't put a road path on-top of grass personally, I would draw the grass as going over the edges of the road as it does in-game. It suggests indentations, like how path blocks in minecraft steep one pixel. It's a shame the slicing makes lower tiles look absolutely squinty, did roads really have to be the absolute lowest priority? Even lower than no tile? That's bizarre to me, but maybe even then- the developers always intended for roads to be interpreted as pretty deep indentations into the ground no matter what you put around it? Suppose it just feels weird to put something on nothing to make it visually steep even lower than before.
  12. So, Klei, um maybe a weird flex, you probably don't have to consider this thing since you are developers most likely fully aware of the ins and outs of performance all and that, by those comparisons I know practically zero code. But despite the odd nature of sharing a random Ted Talk youtube video off all things, maybe there is still something in this that hasn't been considered? If it can even be translated to game applications. Emery sure seemed to know what he was talking about at the very least. You know how it goes, it appeared in recommendations and I'd just figured, what the heck, lmao.
  13. I've had personal pet peeves with thematic bloat ever since "strange new powers". Woodie's talking axe is super interesting, but his beaver transformation that they slapped on-top of that is such a weird add-on I feel. Willow's teddybear on top of the lighter as well, it's just bizarre to have several things going on at once for me. Feels distracted somehow, huge lack of focus? Anywho as for the topic of this thread. I'm under the impression that Klei isn't choosing to side step any veterans. Or any newcomers. To be real bold I just get the vibe they're incapable of pleasing anyone at this rate, lmao. I'm a casual veteran, I've never been good, I've just been around a long time with long breaks. Just said all of this already the other day but, bah, I'm just confident that most of the balance and upset issues would sort itself out if the game stops mistaking grinding for difficulty and introduce any sort of real progressing challenges and rewards that follows player's advancements, and definitely not just a clock. EDIT: Well so, that is not to say they have to please anyone either. But it begs the question if they play the game themselves at all. If they have any vision at all. Is there any attachment to the game at all. Wasn't there a switch in teams some years ago? Original developers moved on?
  14. Thoughts on disease

    Ah wow. That's disease back to being downright majorly and unfairly detrimental then.
  15. Thoughts on disease

    After just recently finding out about world regrowth I find the disease mechanic more interesting almost pleasant to imagine. Potentially... it's a small loss of individual plants, with the fear of loosing it all without keeping some eyes out. Having to venture out to find new plants and restock your farms doesn't seem like the end of the world to me. It actually sounds like some pleasant occasional gardening amongst a lot of otherwise stressful hardships. But, and it's a big old butt, that's just potentially. It's the balance again, of time and the chances of plants being diseased, that's probably not pleasant, occasional, or anywhere close to a break from stressful hardships but rather a contributor to it. Having just recently realised things regrows, I haven't played on any other of the slower settings than off. I'd be interested to see how it plays out if it was only a really really slow process. Imagine if leaving your farms for two years had the risk of one diseased plant, and another two full years would see them all diseased? Is that enough time to just come in and inspect your plots every once in a while? It's like dealing with weeds isn't it?