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  1. Heh, those rats look familiar
  2. This is the one. No matter the semantic and long-stretch justifications of this Maxwell quote, it annoys me endlessly how paradoxical this one piece of information always comes off in the long run. It's the largest plot-hole I know off, and one of the most noticeable moments at which anything that came after in DS lore was starting up more and more contradictions, making less sense and even sort of ret-conning themes that was prior. Questions without answers. Even if the mermaid examination quote probably/technically came in the same update. The way that's been handled has been, well, not really addressed at all? At least not any more proper than simply asserting once again "oh yeah they were here". Buhhh ughhh, moan groan, whine & cry. You know what got me invested years ago, the characters. The strange and slightly villainous personalities and their vaguely hinted involvement in all of it, the connection to maxwell, their connection to each other. Like a murder mystery or something, all about the very real relatable human nature, questioning things regarding individuals' intentions, ideologies and past actions. Man what a fantastic craft unlike anything I've experienced prior. I know I've gone on about this everyday all the time but arrows won't stop pointing back to the ancient civilizations mumbo being a culprit for all this overwhelming impersonality, lack of investment and interest. It's hard to care about the updates when you know the next thing won't be addressing the people ever again. So, why... Klei. Just don't feel like addressing the story any more? Characters added are born in the constant, no reason, no attachment to those we are invested in, no need for questions, self-contained irrelevancy in short. Lore even skipped on Woody's origin, and for that matter, all the other origin updates in reality skipped everything about why they came into the constant anyway, the relationship between the characters. It's been dancing around the main thread and natural progression of the story. I have to wonder if the team is saving it all for better days, if they don't have the time, money and resources to come up with how to progress the story, or, well could be any reason and less flattering such like competence, confidence, interest or worst of all purposeful operant conditioning? I can't sigh deep enough. I'm the god damn fool for staying around, aren't I. I hate being weak towards strong beginnings without conclusion. Even if any of what got me invested were ever explored again, I know it couldn't possibly be of the same rigour, could it. Lightning never strikes twice and that.
  3. Anything to spruce up the place. I also think it would be better if rot despawned naturally after several days instead. Chances are bugs outside of the screen won't have an active AI, thus not do any work unless the player spends enough time in the vicinity, babysitting their process. It does annoy me how this goes with withered plants too. Spend one summer around berry bushes to see them wither. Years later you can come back in any other season than summer, they will update to be un-withered but not have grown any berries or such resources since the AI was locked behind getting out of that first step.
  4. Oh right the spiders, and butterflies as well. While pengulls could be speculated as having died off-screen, lol, the spiders and butterflies don't really come off as anything reanimated or kept alive beyond their expiration date, do they. Welp.
  5. I sure am starved of knowledge, and lore. The idea that the nightmare and lunar forces aren't competing is interesting. I feel like the implications of that doesn't seem to amount to anything however. We already view both sides as hostile in-game so a revelation of cooperation would come off as, mmmm... rather inessential ...? Hm, not that this classic "light vs dark boiled down to literal manifestations" is any more interesting I suppose. As a side note, I interpret the mutated lunar creatures as something more like... Well so the suggestion here is that lunar somehow implant enlightenment knowledge and consciousness into things. And rather than mutations they seem to me like reanimated corpses whose consciousness refuses to leave the bodies when exposed to lunar thoughts. Not so much the perfect creature as much as they have to keep thinking whether they like it or not now. It seems to further cement the concept of insanity/non-knowledge and enlightenment/knowledge?
  6. I can't think of any changes that doesn't involve a radical and fundamental restructure of everything, involving movement, hitboxes, timing and items. Which, with the way combat has been for so long; I don't have much faith as a concept would be implemented in any way but awkwardly, less there was a great amount of precision, intent and understanding funnelled into the project at this late stage. Works alright as it is now, any subtler changes would to me presumably feel too much out of place anyway, incompatible experience simply. Though, adding more movement variety to mobs so your approach with the combat changes? That'd always be swell. Things like perhaps a mob that charges around it's target in a quick banana-shaped skid, to throw off direction and hit people from behind.
  7. Shame about all the gems falling under the umbrella, that was a stack of orange gone.
  8. I can't find any information on the wiki, some items that get hit by rocks disappear, some stay around forever. Is there no list of exact items to know about?
  9. I strongly agree that a lot of tools and features of the game are frustratingly and disappointing unbalanced to interact with in any manner, half of the suggestions sounded like something I agree on and some I don't. I just wanted to bring up the Octuvigil specifically though. I recently learned a trick were you build an Octuvigil on a stray boat, paddle it away from the main island and jump off to let it float off on it's own. It will keep going and fill in the map for you, and if it bumps into any lunar islands you'll be able to see that. I think this is a hilariously brilliant technique. Retrieving the Octuvigil as it bounces back or around isn't even impossible either, but even if so I think the items potentially lost is a fair price to pay for saving some time from blind-sailing the ocean. Also I get the feeling blindly sailing around is the intended "intrigue" with finding the lunar islands, what's in exploration if it's just a waypoint? However... equally true, what's in exploration if there's nothing else to bump into on the way to your intended goal? Oceans could use some more fluff. Anyway, off-topic all that. This method of basically sending out a remote scout I find it both hits the 'exploration nerve' and yet takes away the time-waste-frustration, rather well balanced.
  10. Sure isn't ideal. It does surprise me Wickerbottom isn't totally immune, bit of a miss
  11. I for one love ideas like these. Though as for bearger I think just seeing someone yawn can make a person yawn still, even when just reading the word.
  12. Hahahah, well, don't misunderstand me, I understand we're not advocating for removal by questioning it's uses. The discussion I provide is just to highlight various reasons it can be interpreted beyond worthless. Because I do believe in the potential of embracing worthlessness, in rare circumstances.
  13. Yes see, I was referring to the meaning it has outside of any gaming terms. I'm mostly being pseudo profound, rather thinking about what it entails to introduce functions beyond what gave the game a rising interest in the first place, than to talk numbers and stats and mechanics. So, to keep on brand with slovenly philosophy; why do we need it? Well I doubt much consideration was given to this mechanic's introduction. So it's easy to argue we truly don't need it. My point was though that the sheer magnitude to which this mechanic goes, to truly and boldly be unneeded, is thought-provoking to say the least. As mentioned, I find it hilariously symbolic of a state in which there is nothing is left to fight against in the game. Nothing to engage with other than to resort to an arcade-like hi-score system for substitute of entertainment. What a message it is, to tie a bow on the entire experience like this. Do we need it? Strictly speaking no I guess. But in an unintended way, I see it adds a kind of torn and depressing aspect. An aspect not unlike the thematic lore of Don't Starve. I believe there is potential to fully integrate what this theme have to say into the game, to compliment the experience something immensely. That is, thematically. But mechanically? Through gameplay? Hard to argue it is anything but useless the way it is implemented. "But that's the point, thematically!". So to say (Again not that I don't doubt there was any conscious consideration made here). I wouldn't mind seeing it expanded upon to a state where at least the action itself, be it a separated aspect from the rest of the experience as it is, is something worth striving for. In short; useless to the point it's mind boggling, at the very least make it more fun(?) to justify it, Klei. Had it more pizazz; I wouldn't deny that any person will find bragging rights worthwhile. EDIT: So just to clarify. In my humble opinion. It would be a huge disservice to try and give boat fishing any particularly extraordinary survival benefits, least anything that goes beyond bragging rights and spectacle of course. As long as it sufficiently fulfils that role.
  14. Really is a testament to quality of life then isn't it. I don't mind it in concept, actually in concept it's rather intriguing. In a harsh survival game of wits blood and tears, between life and death, the most fortunate find themselves with enough not only to get by, but to make it a sport. When the time ever comes between hard work were they find themselves with nothing to do, fishing sports is just one of those curious things that humans might resort to for various reasons. So in short, I find it reflects life in interesting ways. With that said, it is also a testament to the state of our endgame. It kind of sends the message "this game has peaked". Once we start indulging in frivolousness like this. And well. Maybe so then. Maybe so.
  15. Oh my, Queen Wes is lore? Sorry for going on about hearing voices in my head