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  1. Trapped Wes has bonesaws

    SAWes The Un-nerfable
  2. Myes, I just rather meant that I prefer to not pile up on stray features if I can do without mods. But then presumably,, I can use this line in my console directly instead? Gonna give it a whirl
  3. Yesbox. I'd prefer to do quick scan-overs and make sure certain kinds of placements I get are nifty enough, by revealing the map. Once I find a nice world to call home I'd like to reset the map and resort to filling out the map by foot. Would be nice with a change of pace were I can confirm a traversable landscape before spending time learning it. Aha alrighty, thank you Though if anyone knows if it's possible through commands or other "vanilla" means as well the question still stands~
  4. Oh I see the misunderstanding. When I said clear I don't mean to complete like how you "clear" a level. I meant wipe it clean. As in reset it to empty.
  5. Neither seemed to work for me. With and without quotation marks on the name.
  6. Filling it using debug commands was simple enough, but I haven't found anything on clearing it completely. Anyone know if it's possible to do with commands?
  7. I know nerfing is kind of the opposite of what we want here but, I wonder if it wouldn't mildly feel more earned if you had to survive a set amount of days in order to use a moon idol again. Which also means not dying during those days, actually trying to live with a new character. But all and all even then, I strongly agree with everything said that making a character a swapper is devastatingly terrible. Even this "survival buffer" between swaps only serves to punish and force you (in a negative light) to play as a tantalizingly lesser character, live out every day in longing teasing annoyance. I don't have to tell anyone that these are not positive experiences to play in. I don't have much of a suggestions for a fix. I just want it to be known for the developers how much and how many people feel like it still needs consideration. My ideology would be that A character needs to be engaging in it's own right, not let other characters taunt you negatively but if so encourage curiosity instead. A character should bring something to the group, and it doesn't always have to be physical items they leave around. At this point this is almost haphazardly treated as a novelty bonus, when it could be treated as a holy scripture of engaging gameplay. A character truly changes how you choose to route your way through choices, and again not by using drawbacks as a main force. Honestly because of Wilson and the fact the game came from a singleplayer perspective there is so much focus on character cons in DS. And sometimes a problem is all in the presentation. If every character we choose has so many cons there is no other way than than to interpret it as "punishment" and so a lot of focus gets put into this aspect of the gameplay from everybody. Instead of letting gameplay be a base Wilson at worst with perks only from there on out which would probably feel a lot more liberating and like you're making a good choice no matter what you literally give up from the other characters' perks. I feel like people would embrace every other character a lot more if we were looking through this lens. But that is such a big bold change that literally none would dare to see it through, developer or player. I'm not even fully convinced, light drawbacks can be alright, maybe, perhaps. Not a lot to compare with at this point.
  8. Mhm, consuming souls, cute cuddly fuzzballs Like a classical deviantart original fan character taken straight from the workshop You do you Klei, people obviously breathe this stuff
  9. Winona Update Lore

    Winona's dad has such a wes-face Is it just me
  10. Is this, presumably joke/filler, in the corner talking about aliens being real?
  11. Yeah. And I do get that They are real monsters drawn to the state of players mental health. But I still stand by that rain, no matter how long we can argue it's raining nonstop for, should have that drastic of an impact on any sort of distress. The difference I see is that other inputs are pretty intuitive. Darkness is scawy, playing tricks on your mind, seeing things that aren't real or maybe they always were real. Doing mushrooms or drugs in general has across time always been associated with going bonkers or invoking spirits that mortal eyes can't normally see. Going deep into caves is not only scary naturally but all that lovecraftian magic that induces madness I mean it's just.. feels more justified? Rain. Uh, makes you stressed out, apparently? Discomfort? To the point of a deranged mind? Mmmh, alright but, I'll never not see that as the biggest stretch of logic to date. I don't feel like the negative "mental state" that Them should revolve around to count towards what sounds like everyday depression? Frustration? Rather themes around paranoia, unclarity, knowing things and seeing things not possible to be comprehended. Rain doesn't really do those? (does it?) I've never seen a person playing DS not questioning why they are so insane when it's been raining. It just doesn't add up why those would be connected, not until you really start paying attention to the sanity bar (or read the wiki) and even then they wouldn't really make the connection between that arrow pointing down and rain because it's actually the clothes being wet which means rain could've ended days ago anyway. And only once they do know it's the rain and the wet they settle for "I guess that could make sense"
  12. I think you either ignore or miss my point but if not it is fair enough you feel that way. I don't agree. Emulate real life is probably the part I disagree the most since I don't see myself going insane by being wet, but I can understand how being in complete darkness or near big hairy stuff would make you really paranoid and on edge, aka kinda loony after too long. Also why doesn't slippery tools and sneezing items out count as gamemechanic enough here? I feel like they could "emulate real life" a bit better by just making soggy a cumbersome experience without having to involve other (almost unrelated I'd say) imaginary enemies Like, if I, and most people as you put it, find it cumbersome to walk in heavy wind, is Klei really only able to represent that by making imaginary friends eat me whenever it blows in the game? Or maybe they could just make sure the wind itself is the cumbersome experience because of pushing mechanics. Simply put in real life I find rain cumbersome because of the rain itself, not that it leads to monster coming out that I have to deal with. Imagine watching cast away, but instead of being a film about a man going mad from isolation it's just one day him leaving his office when it happened to be raining outside and he forgot to bring his favourite umbrella on the ready. Whoops insane now, time to get out the wilson ball for a conversation all the way home shelter. Watching a film like that would be how it feels to me when rain makes you insane in the game. It feels unrelated, like a long stretch. Why would that make him insane? But you know that's just based on my opinion of what makes a person insane so truly; whatever. Anyone who feels differently just gets to enjoy the game more right.
  13. Well, do they have to express extreme discomfort or stress? Yes being wet and sneezy can easily be causes for stress but they could also be a little number in the corner that's telling us what we're supposed to feel instead of making us feel it. Again I think having slippery tools, sneezing items out, and probably more such things could leave players with a better emotional impact than steering gameplay into a CookieClicker-esque value evaluator
  14. I find cons that are based on stat differences pretty weak. Punishing how much hunger or sanity you have available in DS is usually more of a chore and a kind of babysitting simulator than anything that truly makes you play the game differently. Health and combat stat-drawbacks, sure, forces you to tackle fights in a new light. But the only differences seems to be one of two; long grinding times for gear and exploits, or, just.. not.. having.. to do that? I don't know, it just rubs me the wrong way Especially sanity, I feel like it's been so abused. Wet equipment drains your brains? Pffwhat? Hay fever makes you insane, c'mooon? It's so ridiculously fast like snapping your fingers, it boils down to "here comes the shadow battle season unless you have that one HAT on you". You just run into a sudden -->[death wall] out of nowhere if you aren't prepared, if you are prepared well then congratulations on your mandatory hat. Meanwhile, slippery tools and sneezing items out of your inventory is hilarious and a lot more manageable, y'know it's.. different? But you never even get a chance to see any of those drawbacks because pfft iunno maybe nobody wants to deal with freaking straight up death o'clock is or sanity b'gone because arbitrary season reason. TANGENTS aside, hey cool, winona update.
  15. I haven't been good at keeping track at the lore, but has it ever been theorized or debunked that Wagstaff turned into WX-78 somehow? Those parts with the factory, the fire, winona and all are definitely on my list of interest