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  1. New Item: Totem Poll

    Amazzzinnng,you did such a great job , thanks again for doing this. Don't have time to try it out right now but I will when I get a chance.
  2. New Item: Totem Poll

    Wow, That looks amazing!Well, i think -100/min should be ok, and if possible just a random native american chanting as you dance would be kinda funny (if its possible that is).In terms of effects i think the rain is sufficient, maybe if built in the cave it causes the earthquakes?, if any other people have any ideas please feel free to contribute .
  3. You can turn monster meat into your only source of food, build a birdcage with alot of drying racks. Dry as much meat as you can, monster jerky can be fed to a bird producing an egg. Any stale meats can cooked then given to the bird for a fresh egg, as well as eggs about to rot can be cooked and the given back the bird so you never have to worry about the eggs turning rotten
  4. New Item: Totem Poll

    Whichever is the easier, or looks better to you, im just happy this idea is liked
  5. New Item: Totem Poll

    Well I don't have painting skills, but i kinda imagined the totem would either look like this or possiblyThanks again for taking the time to do this
  6. Can Someone Tell Me How This Happened Please? - a Few general guides - a few more indepth guides(some guides arent in english unfortunely)Though some of the fun from this game does come from discovering new things
  7. My idea for an event Night of the Rabid Rabbits, one fateful night something changes in our furry little friends. All the rabbits will become bunnymen and beardlords that cause havok all over until daytime has arrived, so it is similar to a full moon, but a little more dangerous since rabbits are a bit more abundant.
  8. While planting my farms in DS, I could'nt help but wonder when it would rain, sometimes it would not come for days so crops took a bit longer to grow.So how bout a totem poll structure .Totem Poll:Requires Shadow ManipulatorMats:6 Nightmare Fuel6 Living Logs1xfeather from each birdWhen built allows the player to perform a rain dance, increasing the chance of rain (at the cost of sanity while you dance of course. )It would be fun to see some of the characters dance moves and gives livings logs more uses.Edit: If there are pigs or bunnymen near the totem, they will start dancing as well!
  9. Max days you've survived?

    day 126 on adventure mode (a game is afoot)survival sandbox day 64both my longest records, and still alive