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  1. well that was anti climactic
  2. I feel the need to mention off the bat that I adore your voice and my insanity meter may be a bit low (is making casual dont starve reference tacky? I think its p ****ing tacky. ) but I see a shadowy collab in our future mayhaps.------------------- I feel the need to mention that I'll only be linking to audio posts and such of a musical, don't let that stop you from posting poetry I don't mind nor am I against being able to see some cool writing like that but I feel the need to let you know right away that I ( at this current time) wont be adding non audio+ non musical posts to the original archive up above. HOWEVER the idea of a purely poetical thread does sound interesting if there already isn't one. I'm not meaning to be elitist on what ends up on the list above- but this /is/ a music thread. Either way feel free to post THE POEM THING, I'd personally love to see it.------------------ Oh wow this is great, much less active than mine so it seems like something that would actually work well IN GAME. I'll add it to the list once I bother to find the youtube channel it originated from so I can link directly to it- if you wanna make my job easier and do it for me i'd appreciate that too.
  3. Thanks guys! Lets see if we can get some more music flowin'
  4. Oh hey this is pretty cool, I try to make it a habit not to download songs from media fire because often enough with me, mediafire takes too long for short enough songs but I'll still link to the songs... If anyone manages to host the songs on their blog or something they should totally let me know so people can listen without downloading em!/Scurries off to update the thread
  5. I noticed that there's a lot of drawing and writing art sections in the forum but no fan made music section- who knows I might not be looking hard enough but hell I'm interested to see what peeps compose up with; I doodle a song together myself that I don't think is too good but hey who knows. I wanna hear other peoples stuff if they got it, or just general music discussion. I will also be making a list of all the fan music posted here in the first post (starting with mine-own) Alone in The Dark (Stream) Via: Me ---- Wonderful Routines of Don't Starve (Download) Via: Campfire Song Contest ---- Ode to Maxwell (Download) Via: Campfire Song Contest