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  1. HI, im sorry if this has been addressed already, but im in a MAJOR "BUG" situtation here. Im running the latest build 88237. Standalone Version. When i enter the game i notice that sometimes the top left news section flickers and disappear completely. The major bug is in the Screecher Mod. It SIMPLY DOES NOTHING... I click it and it shows me a dialog box asking me to restart the game or - supposedly - cancel the mod launching process altogether. Since it's supposed to be a mod, i looked into the mods folder and i have nothing but the basic default mods, the ones who supposedly are old modding examples. Furthermore i've searched the main Don't Starve folder for: *screech*.* It returns zero matches. So: The news info display disappearing from the main game window is a feature or a bug? Is the Screecher Mod supposed to be on the Standalone version at all ? Or am i on a bug nightmare here? tnx