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    [outdated] Potions! Yes! :3 Important note regarding Legendary (permanent) potions: This mod is completly save. If u deactive the mod, u will have your normal max stats back. Playing with the mod or disabling it will not destroy your savegame. It adds the value u gain with the potions when the potions component is loaded, if the mod is deactivated, there is nothing more to add. ^^ Hope that thought didn't scare you off in the first place. Update to V1.9 - Own potions menutab added to keep mouses from being violated. :3 - Spanish translation uploaded, created by @jaimedpb, thanks! - French translation uploaded, created by @kiopho, thanks mate! Update to V1.8 - Last legendary potion and Demonic Protection (invulnerabilitypotion) added, check it out. Update to V1.7 - Legendary potions (2) added, check it out. More coming soon! Update to V1.6 - Important bugfix regarding large potions! Update to V1.5 - Large potions added, check it out. Update to V1.4 - Update to improve compability with other mods. Update to V1.3 - Small tinned Sunray (lightpotion) added, check it out. Update to V1.2 - Another bugfix! Update to V1.1 - Small Rupture of Time (timepotion) added, check it out. So... mention a game with a.... alchemy station and no potions at all... ohwait! I just didnt want to wait any longer, so i created some potions already. Did i forget anything? Oh yeah, the potions: All potions can be crafted with common/rare ingredients. I need 1. more ideas and 2. maybe a little bit help if it gets complicated. Take a look and leave your thoughts. Link to the Forum: Installation: My heartfelt thanks to Heavenfall, who fixed a major bug, explained to me how to handle imagefiles correctly and helped me with the own potiontab. <3
  2. Nope, sorry. :p

    I don't like facebook.

    So much personal information in the hands of one company?

    I'm not supporting them getting even more powerful then they are already.