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  1. Just me scribbling

    Dang it now I have to wait for this to come out
  2. some art :D

    last time I was here we were at 700 that was a month agowow just wow that was fast to 1000
  3. um hey I got a idea *straps down SRBE with grass and logs*
  4. wait good and bad at once that's not right
  5. ... how? I can fly and nothing here can fly but birds and they won't hurt me
  6. umm that dose not hurt me and you realize that we have been talking to me for hours and umm THIS *kicks open the back panel of the robot then starts rewiring it* ok so ah connect the wires that are not connected to the right wires
  7. umm no but I think someone reprogramed you
  8. OOC: back wait did I just hear the "glitch" say its not a glitch
  9. ya but you can short out *Water is poured on the robot*
  10. *Takes Golden war axe* and you are doing this to me? *puts war axe to the robots neck*
  11. well what if Maxwell dies
  12. uhh no I don't think I can die see angel so umm no
  13. well there must be another way I will not strike a deal with you or Maxwell because well he is the Devils general and that would look bad on my report real bad