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  1. I'll get to that ASAP, probably tomarrow I'll have some time to see it!
  2. I wish I had a baby Watcha spore thing *inserts DNA points*
  3. WAAAAAAAAAIT A MINUTE WX-78 SAYS THAT! :O Wx-78 in Tf2 confirmed
  4. Can you draw my avatar? Please C: sorry if im asking too late!
  5. Always have Multiple of 3, of grass, and I make myself a Gnome village, taking the pig's lives so that the gnome can live near their houses withou filty pigs. The Gnomes are rising, they apear in the tunbleweed to travel long distances, they have already risen, its too late now.
  6. They're going to some nice farm, like every animal choked by silk does.
  7. Enough lurking for tonight, good night everyone.
  8. Did someone trying bringing out a feather hat, to help get the notes?
  9. Willow, just cause people dont give her too much love :c
  10. Just a thought, if Wigfrid kills herself with the boomerang, will she get health from killing herself from herself?

    1. Symage
    2. Morgan17


      ...Never thought of that


  11. *throws conffety sarcasticly* I'm on these forums for a long time and im not even seniour member
  12. They look like wall painting, no ofense, it looks good
  13. Is Windows 8 that bad?

  14. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, I played that with my mom... We played Mario games together xD
  15. "It looks like poor Wilson is going to be iced, not the good way!" Looks like a single berry!
  16. There goes my favorite pair of pants :c
  17. AAAAAAAH The birch forest biome thingy <3

  18. @sirmentegen Thanks for the DLC vids!

  19. Where's @the thruthseeker I miss his seeking of the truth! :c