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  1. Help me unload the car, ya ya ya I am Lorde

  2. They should really make a Spore 2


    1. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      I get 105 f /40 c weather in October. Are you really complaining about menting?

    2. Watcha


      Its almost 40c here aswell :p

    3. Hugo M.

      Hugo M.

      And the big problem isn't even the heat, its the mosquitos, god lord the mosquitos!

  4. Oh god new people asking for DST keys. They're everywhere!

    1. Hugo M.

      Hugo M.

      JoeW even made a subforum for it, AND IT HAS 2 PAGES OF THREADS ALREADY!

    2. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      *whimpers* i don't wanna talk about it.

  5. Anyone got any of those DST keys?

    1. Symage


      Sorry, i think I gave already my keys away :/

    2. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      Sorry, all gone.

    3. Watcha


      :/ ok thanks anyway

  6. Oh God next week we're having "I'm tired of this bullshit week" and not gaving classes C:

  7. Since when did everybody start leaving the forums?

    1. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      If *everybody* left, nobody would be responding to status wait, YOU wouldn't be here to POST one!

      But many people started leaving the forums over the past several months, since the DST announcement and big arguments it caused.

      Others can claim excessive notifications people and the "death of OT with stupid threads" as other causes. A few did leave over this, but I'll let you judge if that was a major cause or not.

  8. Can someone gift me BOI I only need a dollar :c

    1. Hugo M.

      Hugo M.

      If you happen tos till want, I can, I got some spare money so I could buy it as a present and give it to you. But of course for that we'll need to be friends on steam.

  9. Did anyone post this here? Im gonna post this here... Did anyone post this here? Im gonna post this here...
  10. Is Depoina any good, I got it, cause it was cheap :S

    1. 23rd


      Well, you're gonna end up finding out!

  11. Why is bacon the meaning of life?
  12. They Woodie cuts trees fast, have you ever seen Maxwell cut trees with his epic woodchucker nose?
  13. Hey @BarovSoap Can I be an accual member here? I've never joined because time...
  14. I remember those!! I fell for it like twice xD And when you got it, it would send it to all your contacts, eh good times explaning xD
  15. I've been holding that super reference thing for a while, anyway I'll stop derailing.
  16. If that is a Frozen reference, dude just Let it Go, I know Love Is An Open Door, and you like the movie but stahp with the references. xD
  17. As of today, finally Brazil is no longer the Football/Soccer Country IMO, as a brazlilan myself I'm proud of our games
  18. HU3HU3HU3 Good idea friend
  19. Just a tip, try drawing lighter with your pencil so when you erase a mistake it dosent apear. This serves for everything with pencils....
  20. We need the truth to be seeken! D:
  21. Ah! That's what I get to not read everything Anyway How do I become an NPC? C: PM sent
  22. How can I join I never RPed C: