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  1. I have a chocolate labradoodle, part water-dog too!
  2. That's a sweet dog! It's a German Shepherd, is it not? Very well-behaved.
  3. Same here. Delete the poll and save and recreate it. Yes!
  4. Most likely Sniper/Pyro. Ermm... does anyone else's steam not work right now?
  5. Should I change my Steam name from Scorpio to Mandrake Stew?
  6. Same. Should we edit our steam names to our forum names?
  7. Good. It never existed. I assume your were referring to Mandrake Soup?
  8. Anybody got any info on the foods? Seriously dying to know.
  9. Hmm. I can't revote (because the poll changed) to 10:00 AM EST. But just pretend there's a + 1 there.