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  1. More comics or you get katana shanked. Also wheres battal we need Him too
  2. personally, i would hate to meet Wendy. poor Wilson
  3. And here it is!
  4. Hrrdur multiplrar suld be added herderder. Now back to reality, this is way to accurate. Also Lord Battal can i draw a multiplayer art like willite did?
  5. Nobody knows refrence? Google images clicker zombie (if you have the guts)
  6. If you Take suggestions can you draw wilson with a mushroom growing out of his head (find refrence to get a rep)
  7. Demented suggestion time! Make a spider with cordycepts (look it up...if you have the guts) growing out of it?
  8. oh. maxwell is the one who bought you here! he practically controls this place. *looks at sky* so Wilson we better get a fire before night comes. also you might want to be a bit careful around me, as i once drove someone insane. just to let you know
  9. Im in canada right now and its 11, are you in 1 of the terriotories? And i know bout longitude, my clock app on the ipd said brazil was 'round thAt
  10. Oh no, i am NOT the one who bought you here... Maxwell did, and i am David the deerclops. who are you?
  11. *David spots wilson* WHO ARE YOU? And what are you doing in my land, ohh.. you must be the new people on this island. Hi im David