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  1. I Shall do that.... Tommorow
  2. Symage's awful art thread

    More comics or you get katana shanked. Also wheres battal we need Him too
  3. I would do this then jump into the ocean
  4. My Reaction to woodie

    Just keep eatin trees.
  5. What's the land's name?

    Wait Klei Inc is in vancouver... I live in vancouver... Pardon me but i gonna find a teleporting door thing
  6. Lets talk about woodie

    I learned it at the age of 1- - - Updated - - - Bye bye bacon
  7. Where you put my comic... Did i even post it?
  8. What's the land's name?

    This is insulting. Keep your eyes open... Back on topic, this has to be canada.
  9. My Reaction to woodie

    He îs to busy texting. Back on topic.any more reactions?
  10. Vingw take your Tallbird

    Si i did....
  11. Vingw take your Tallbird

    Im Back what i miss
  12. My Reaction to woodie

    That Was my Reaction to caves!
  13. The video says it all Also you can put your reactions here
  14. Forum Needs More Moderators.

    Anybody vote for me?