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  1. hey fellas its me the guy the boyski himself howzit doin
  2. This appears in my search history, the original count before the number of replies per page was increased
  3. Good old flashbacks to the days where people would speedrun reading all the pages of this topic thingy, a true hero of the forums had read this entire topic from page 1 to page 64723969. Still have respect for those people who would sit for 6 hours reading silly stuff we used to post.
  4. I never knew tortoises can cook.

    1. Jim


      neither did I and now look at me; a vegetable

  5. "where art thou sweet willyetta" - shake-the-spear 1743
  6. Hey guys! So, yeah, the uni is done and now It's the time of the good old holidays. Which means my parents will make me go places with them, hue. But hey, January 17-24 I'm gonna be in London with my brother. So... I'm not postin' then. mhmm. Oh, and if you'll be there around then, we can even meet up :0 But what's the chance of someone being there? -20%? Maybe. So yeah, happy new Christmas and mermy year, errybody! aww I was in London a while ago it was good and christmasy and cousins and gloves and cold and freezy :--D
  7. Jimmeh! Geem! Yimmy! Magimbo! So rare! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, hey howsit goinnnnnnnn im alive again after intense space voyages through the realms of bullfrog and the planet gecko 5
  8. It's common for humans to make mistakes. I'm a monster. this is not ok. me english no good me clean dishes
  9. im alive again woop de floopey doop

  10. Universe is FUF'D. i think we need guardians of the cartery hooked on a william
  11. be reasonable here, who cares if maxwell crashes? :3
  12. rip mum, over estimates people on internet
  13. help

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    2. Willette


      jim, the sun is not a good place to fly at.

    3. Jim


      but i wanted to make chips at the sun :<

    4. Symage


      █▄▄ ███ █▄▄ █▄█▄█ █▄█ ▀█▀