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  1. Personally, I think I'd like the idea of only 1 blueprint. I was amused when I thought about how it would work on PvP. The first person to find it... gets all of the power. Since the flower spoils however... he must either decide to make it now, or not make it. If he does make it... he'll either have to carry it with him 24/7 to prevent someone else from using it (which takes an inventory slot), or hide it somewhere. (Like maybe a thick forest.) Frankly... the darn thing is so uncommon to make that I don't see any reason for 5 people to know how to make it. If you really want to try making it work better... Glommer has a 10% chance of dropping the blueprint. Anyhow... the thing about Glommer is... if you kill him, Krampus shows up too. So if a new player took the bell blueprint and killed Glommer, he could be trolling people in two ways.
  2. Personally, I'd think of it like this... Charlie isn't kept away simply by light... she is kept away if she was able to be seen. If a player had some sort of night vision on them and were next to another player onscreen who did not... then Charlie simply doesn't attack either of them, because that would result in her being seen by the first player. From his perspective, he'd probably see nothingness attacking the 2nd player. Plus... I can't imagine for the life of me a better way to spook the heck out of some newer players, then for them to be in pitch blackness... and nothing happens. (Take note of this following trope: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NothingIsScarier) Seriously! Can you imagine how confused and panicked that person would be if that happened? The 2nd player doesn't know what's going on! He's thinks he was suppose to be dead by now. (While he's wondering what's going on, I hand him a torch... BOO! "Mysterious items popping into my inventory... oooohhh") And well... if the first player were to walk away... then Charlie is once again free to smite the blind. tl:dr CHARLIE DOES NOT NEED ANIMATIONS! THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF HER ATTACKING IN THE DARK... SO SHE CAN NOT BE SEEN!
  3. Well, one of the things about RoG world settings, is that wildfires are configurable. You can set how often they happen. I'll admit that at the moment, Summer has its ways. But it's not entirely unbelievable. I swear I could remember various news stories about wildfires that started in Africa, back when I was growing up. Something about the grass or the weather being too dry. Summer doesn't really provide much on its own, and it doesn't give much of a reason to travel. But... then again... why does it need to? The thing about every season, is that they all have their things. Spring: Lots of rain, expect plenty of frogs. Crops will grow faster, and no rabbits can be caught. Summer: Lots of heat. Overheating is common (as might fires), and the only ice you can find, is the ice you had stored away. And it's not like you could take that with you wherever you go... (The general point here is that Summer does not encourage you to go traveling, especially if you're going by thermal stones.) Cacti sprout flowers that do great work when it comes to restoring your stats. Red hounds will also show up, who may provide red gems. Autumn: Lots of... leaves. This is the nice season basically. Birchnut trees will give more nuts during this season, and this makes them easier to spread. Enough said about Autumn though. Winter: Lots of snow. Freezing is a possibility. No crops or plants will grow, save for trees. Travel is 'limited' but it's still feasible. Thermal stones can be reheated at fires anywhere, and in more desperate times, things can be set ablaze to deter freezing. (This is what especially makes Winter different from Summer. You can't chill a thermal stone quite as easily as you could heat it up.) Winter also has the infamous McTusk, Winter birds, and Pengulls. With all of that being said... Winter does have more stuff compared to Summer. And maybe that's all Summer just really needs. More stuff.
  4. In my opinion, having a ton of berry bushes nearby never hurt (especially if you were smart and careful enough to avoid the risk of fire). If you can gather a ton of bushes, then you can harvest a bunch of berries every 3-5 days. In one case, me and some friends had somewhere close to nearly 40 berries bushes. The nice part about that was how we never had a food problem to begin with. There was no immediate need or rush to harvest those berries. So the berries often stayed on the bushes for a couple of days. There was one especially pleasing part about that fact: as we progressed through the winter, and food became a little more scarce, I could sit by the fire as I waited through the night... and counter any fears of famine through those berry bushes. "If we can't find any more meat, at least we have 40 berries available for harvest, and 20 in the fridge!" Having that many berries nearby available for harvest has the nice benefit of easing ones mind. And they make great jam too! Even though I'm an experienced veteran of Don't Starve... I've got to say that this is a very well done guide, and it's useful to even vets like me!
  5. I'd like to voice my opinions about it. 1. I'm hoping that they do not use some form of infinite respawning. I'd rather like it if those that are still alive could revive those that have fallen. 2. No duplicates of characters. For the love of god DO NOT LET THIS BE A THING. I would not like to see multiple Wilsons. On that same note, allowing any character to be played... does not seem like a great idea either. So I suppose adding some generic characters could be a solution. 3. I can easily see multiplayer adding it's own methods of balancing out the difficulty by way of resource sharing. (Can you imagine... 4 people... having to share ice simply to survive during the summer?) 4. How will more people effect sanity? What would happen if one of the players ate one too many green mushrooms, and comes across another person? Nothing good I could assume. Maybe the insane player ends up being bad for your own sanity. Maybe he ends up seeing you as something bad. Maybe he doesn't see you at all (and I'd be ok with this option). All the insane player would hear are footsteps. (But trees that are chopped down, simply seem to fade out of existence, or other objects fade in.) To reinforce this not seeing issue, we'd have to limit what they could hear from the others text-wise. Point is, sanity would have to be tweaked a bit for multiplayer... no duplicate characters, which is going to require some solution, some sort of compromise in regards to tracking down other players (either we can, we can't, or maybe this is something a compass can do...). Also needed is a solution to actions that would normally be instantaneous for a single player. Sleeping is one. What would happen if someone cooks a Mandrake? What if he eats it? What if he couldn't eat it because everyone wasn't nearby (and starves as a result?) What if him eating it simply put everyone to sleep, and someone gets annoyed by him doing it? (Oh no, we missed the full moon! Why would you do that!?) Well... I suppose in that scenario, mandrakes would be a single player item. Since every world is tied to a specific file, and consequently said worlds character (along with his or her items) to that world file... how would multiplayer tie into this? Would we get a multiplayer specific file slot (or a series of slots reserved for multiplayer characters)? Would a characters inventory switch over across worlds? Hopefully no. Otherwise we'd potentially come across (overpowered) players who join others in newer worlds, simply to avoid having to deal with hounds, or other issues with longer survival times. Would his inventory be tied to a specific world? (Well what happens if while you were gone, everyone decided to gather the things, and left without bringing your things? Or you were in the process of completing something important?) Point is, there is a LOT to think about, and sacrifices are likely going to be made. People are going to be disappointed with the final decisions that are made. Some people might be left at a disadvantage as a result of them too. All I hope is that Klei puts a lot of thought into these very important issues.