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  1. Hope you come back sometime.

  2. Not sure who he's talking to but I thought SassWell.jpg was an appropriate name
  3. thank you so much for the follow :D

  4. I think so, it was more of a stream thingy where we showed art techniques ^^ I'm using a Wacom Intuos 5 and Paint Tool SAI. Decent equipment helps a lot o: If you're new to drawing humans you could try stuff like http://www.posemaniacs.com/ or http://senshistock.deviantart.com/ One common mistake among digital artists is to start with manga/anime characters and divide the painting into too many layers. Same-face syndrome is very common as well, avoid that.
  5. The picture was drawn in less than 2 hours and to be honest, it doesn't have the same quality as the comic frames seen in Blood Eagles I drew "tropical wilson" to show a friend how I work in Paint Tool SAI ^^
  6. Another miserable morning in tropical hell Tumblr version here: http://ecfor.tumblr.com/post/148520635049
  7. I read 2Ā½ pages of i-dont-know-whats-going-on But it was worth it
  8. GO FOR THE EYES wait. I mean GO FOR THE EYE
  9. tehe, reblogged yer art If you intend to upload the artwork to DA please tell me ^^
  10. Oooooh this is lovely o: Thank you so much ~ Do you have a DA or Tumblr by any chance? I'd love to add it to the fan art section or reblog it :3
  11. More fabulous Maxwells plz, there can never be enough! 8D
  12. Holy applecakes xD I log in and have 100+ notifications, how dare u like-spam my thread Glad you like the comic, if you want to know more there's a Blackboard thingy :3
  13. Dear Miss,

    I am writing due to just having finished reading your comic "Blood Eagles" on your DA http://ecfor.deviantart.com/ - I would like to sincerely congratulate you. Ignoring a few tiny grammatical hiccups we all commit from time to time, it was a truly lovely experience. My favourites were the black silhouette shots. Your Maxwell is also quite well-written. You have one stalker watcher more as a result ;). My sincerest congratulations!



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    2. Arlesienne


      Naturally! Let me go through this again... See, I read it in one swallow, it was so nice, and thus I need to check it once more :).

    3. Tamir


      I assumeĀ there will be no PM.

    4. Arlesienne


      Life got the better of me and I lost the document I was keeping track of the comic in. I didn't forget about it, just need to redo everything from scratch, duh.