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  1. Mods have ruined this game for me....

    The OP sounds very similar to how my little brother plays video games. It hurts my soul knowing were related...
  2. Escapism Vs. Realism which do you prefer?

    I think fantasy is better with the theme of this game. I really do want a company to produce a non horror realistic survival game though.
  3. About the lureplant

    I just build 5-10 traps and lay them around and collect it in a few days.
  4. The Aftermath

    Dr. Dre is a musician, artist, and has a rich history of story telling... He would fit perfectly in the art, lore, and music section.
  5. The Aftermath

    Was anyone else hoping this was a thread for a Dr. Dre mod?
  6. Caves and Bee Boxes

    Isn't the normal world paused when you go in caves?
  7. +1I also think it is less of a character re-balance and more of a way to give players different options. I always thought it was odd that most of the characters had exactly the same stats with one perk. They should all have different stats and perks so you the player can pick the person that fits your play style the best and go with it.
  8. Two P's garage

    I have always been amazed by the quality of work that users of games that allow those users to mod have created. With this game the art created by users is just awesome and this is just another great example. Two-P, well done.
  9. Tents are cheap material wise and like mastodor said you don't use it every night. On my current world I have built maybe 4 tents in 200 days.
  10. Having trouble trying to find "settings.ini"Edit, I think I found it. [sTEAM]DISABLECLOUD = false[MISC]ENABLECONSOLE = false[graphics]window_x = 9window_y = 302windowed_width = 1342windowed_height = 720fullscreen = falsefullscreen_width = 1920fullscreen_height = 1080display_id = 0refresh_rate = 60
  11. The other two. dontstarve_steam_78071_crash_2013_5_22T22_8_46C0.zip dontstarve_steam_78071_crash_2013_5_22T12_46_49C0.zip
  12. I use Windows 7, 64-bit, SP1I have 7 MDMP files in my bin. Idk which ones you need so ill try and put them all. I have 5 attached now and its giving an error when I try to load the other two but does not say what the error is.dontstarve_steam_78071_crash_2013_5_22T7_32_38C0.zip dontstarve_steam_78071_crash_2013_5_22T7_33_6C0.zip dontstarve_steam_78071_crash_2013_5_22T7_33_32C0.zip dontstarve_steam_78071_crash_2013_5_22T7_37_27C0.zip dontstarve_steam_78071_crash_2013_5_22T7_40_57C0.zip
  13. I am not using any mods, just standard steam build. I also play in windowed mode like another player mentioned. When I switched to full screen it loaded. This is the only crash report in the Documents/Klei/Donotstarve folder: I also have no saves from previous builds to try the trick that Exadi used.
  14. Okay, hopefully this works for you. cave_1_1_1.zip
  15. I looked up where the saves are and tried to upload it but the site is saying "invalid file". I went to: Program files (x86)/Steam/userdata/13922953/219740/remote/cave_1_1_1Is this the correct place for saved files?