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  1. Thanks a ton! If this doesn't slow down the working animation though, what does it do?
  2. I might have found a lead. Unfortunately, since it's an animation going on, it's in SGWilson where I believe Woodie gets his woodcutting speed, with his tag "woodcutter". It seems if the character has the tag "woodcutter", they initiate a different animation for cutting wood, which is ultimately the same except it has less frames in it, making it faster. So if I wanted to make my character chop and mine slower, I'd need to create new states for the character, that would be the same as a regular chopping wood, but has more frames in it, making it longer. If anyone knows how to do this and would be willing to help me, I'd greatly appreciate it! Here is the code I found in SGWilson
  3. I appreciate the help, but already found this code and used it for my item's prefab. This is the code that halves the required swings it takes to finish the tree. So if the number is 2, instead of 15 swings it only takes 8 (it rounds up). The code that makes him swing faster must be somewhere else, I'll go digging around to see if I could find something.
  4. I didn't copy the entire function over, my function looks like this local function SlowWorker(inst) inst:AddComponent("worker") inst.components.worker:SetAction(ACTIONS.CHOP, 4) inst.components.worker:SetAction(ACTIONS.MINE, .334) inst.components.worker:SetAction(ACTIONS.DIG, .334) inst.components.worker:SetAction(ACTIONS.HAMMER, .25) end
  5. I would like my custom character to chop and mine slower than other characters, in a similar way Woodie can chop trees faster. In Woodie's prefab file, I found this local function SetBeaverWorker(inst, enable) if enable then if inst.components.worker == nil then inst:AddComponent("worker") inst.components.worker:SetAction(ACTIONS.CHOP, 4) inst.components.worker:SetAction(ACTIONS.MINE, .334) inst.components.worker:SetAction(ACTIONS.DIG, .334) inst.components.worker:SetAction(ACTIONS.HAMMER, .25) end elseif inst.components.worker ~= nil then inst:RemoveComponent("worker") end end I put a function similar to this in my character's prefab, changed the values, but they have no effect. I even kept the values unchanged, thinking it would make my character chop 4 times faster (that's what i assume those values alter), but there was still no change. I have a custom item that can chop and mine, and can take half the required swings to finish, so to counter-act I wanted my character to do it half as fast, so it would really balance out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi! Sorry, I felt Wu was unbalanced and overpowered in many ways, so I wanted to completely change him up. Sorry if I broke your heart
  7. change to local function fn() change to inst.entity:AddTransform() inst.entity:AddAnimState() inst.entity:AddSoundEmitter() change to inst.AnimState:SetBank("lefu") inst.AnimState:SetBuild("swap_lefu") inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle")
  8. You have to go into Audacity and increase the gain of each sound individually. When you play it, the meter above that shows the levels, the sound should reach about 15. After you do that, you have to insert the sounds into the FMOD build all over again. Not sure about the ghost thing...
  9. Just find and download some viola sounds on Google or Youtube. Get an audio editor like Audacity and find little clips of sounds, usually 2-6 seconds long. Save them as mp3. Then follow the tutorials. This is the one I used.
  10. to be better in the cold, you just need to add insulation. shouldn't be hard to find a mod with that line of code, it would be in the character's prefab. I have lines of code in my character mod, Wollawossiky, that drains sanity when either a entity with the tag "smallcreature" or "largecreature" is killed by the character. If you take those lines and change "smallcreature" and "largecreature" to "prey" and "spider", I think that would work! For the spider neutral thing, it might be a bit more difficult. You might be able to have a task that checks if there is a spider in range of you, and then adds the tag of "spider" or whatever that makes you like Webber, so they won't attack you. And then when you get out of range, it removes the tag. Wollawossiky also has some code that is similar to this, that he is able to get closer to entities before they react to him. With some effort, you could probably change that code to make spiders docile to you.
  11. So! I am going to make a custom bedroll, and I'm pretty certain the prefab I created will be alright. I'll post the prefab to this post. The prefab basically follows the animations and states in SGwilson.lua,, so I need to change the stategraph thing. I'm not accustomed to changing state graphs, and don't really know how to. In SGwilson, I found this under local states, state = bedroll, So if I could just change the line that is bolded, or just completely remove it, I think it would work well. Would changing this line affect everyone in the server, just my character, or just my custom bedroll? If someone could help, I'd really appreciate it! sleepbag.lua
  12. Without seeing your FDP file, can't really see anything wrong. Except that you also need these lines under the other ones in modmain.lua RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/wallago/emote", "wallago/sound/emote" ) RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/wallago/yawn", "wallago/sound/yawn" ) RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/wallago/eye_rub_vo", "wallago/sound/eye_rub_vo" ) RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/wallago/pose", "wallago/sound/pose" ) Oh yeah, and in your mod folder, the folder that you have all the sound things in should be named sound, and the lines in the code changed accordingly, like the text I bolded above.
  13. I would like a character of mine to be able to sleep during the day, dusk, night and in caves. If it would be easier to make a custom sleeping item, that would be good too. But it would be preferable for it to work with every bed. I looked through other mods that had similar abilities, but they led to dead ends that I couldn't figure out. Thank you for any help!
  14. You could just upload them as separate characters, too. Couldn't get in trouble for a Warly-remake or anything I don't think!
  15. yeah i play with that mod all the time! Warly is very good! I'm just unsure if they would be ALLOWED to upload the skins, since they are technically official Klei characters and there's a rule against that. I think it would be allowed if he uploaded it as a different mod or character, just not as a skin.
  16. Amazing! They really match the art style of the game 100%! I love the skins of the SW characters. It wouldn't be allowed to upload and play as them though, would it?
  17. Aww I love his big nose! If anything I would change his front-facing nose, not the profile!
  18. Updated to include the fourth edition, Wollawossiky!
  19. okay awesome. and i wouldn't need any of this, right? local FasterOnRoad_old = inst.components.locomotor.FasterOnRoad inst.components.locomotor.FasterOnRoad = function(self, ...) self.fasteronroad = false return FasterOnRoad_old(self, ...) end just inst.components.locomotor.fastmultiplier = 0.5 in master_postinit This is the last question, I swear! Thank you for all the help!
  20. Would that only do it on roads, or for all fast multipliers (like the walking cane, or my custom tree speed bonus)? All speed bonus? Or just speed bonus for roads? Because it would be sort of canon if the character wasn't good at riding animals either. Sorry for all the questions, just trying to be thorough!
  21. @CarlZalph It seems to work! Thanks! From how it looks, it disables the speed bonus altogether. Would it be possible to just reduce the bonus? Like I think roads increase speed by 50%, would it be possible to make it 25%?
  22. For the character I'm making (this is the last request, I swear!), to offset the speed bonus around trees, maybe being unaffected by the speed boost of roads (or maybe half the bonus?) would balance them out nicely. I found some variables like "self.fasteronroad" in components\locomotor.lua, but other than that I couldn't find a lot relating to the speed bonus. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  23. Thank you @SuperDavid and @CarlZalph for your codes, I'll test them out when I get home! I do understand David's code more than Carl's (aka i don't understand Carl's at all, but that doesn't mean it won't work). David, would this work for all creatures (spiders, rabbits, birds, gobblers, grass geckos, etc)? But thanks again for putting in the effort of writing it!
  24. I hope someone figures it out too. Otherwise I'll probably just do the "remove scarytoprey" thing. I feel like that would be too easy and underwhelming though.