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  1. This would be preferable too, I was just sort of using his code as a baseline, as I would not really know how to go about creating a new "form" from scratch.
  2. I want to make a character that is able to transform into a large monster like thing, just like Woodie. I started off by copy and pasting Woodie's prefab into my character's, ("Willem"), and got to work. The first thing I did was to take out the codes referring to Lucy, as she won't be needed at all for this. I launched the game and tested a lot to see if everything was working as it should be along the way, and it was. The next step was a bit more difficult but I did it, completely removed the "Beaverness" component to becoming a beaver. So now (just for testing purposes), when Willem eats a seed he transforms, and when he eats twigs he transforms back. Great! It works. It's easy, it's awesome. Problems that have always persisted are The beaver mode is actually invisible. Despite having the beaver's anim assets in my mod, and putting them on the asset list, they never appear in game. The colour cubes overlays have always been sort of funky. I get some weird grainy thing while in human form but then beaver-orange-overlay when beaver form. The hoedown music doesn't play, this doesn't matter to me that much, but just unsure why. So here are the things I am asking for assistance Make the beaver appear. I will create custom textures before release, but making the anims work with the default beaver is a non-starter. Make the inventory system work while in beaver mode. I want this to be a mode that makes the character stronger but not disabled. Using inventory and accessing chests might be difficult, the same with picking things off the ground. Custom overlay. Either this or just no overlay would be preferable to what it is now. As always, any help will be greatly appreciated and I will give credit where credit is due. Scarecrow.zip
  3. Can we appreciate the name of the DS DLC? Hamlet... like Ham -> Pigs. and also AND Hamlet the Shakespeare play, which when the Pig-Mayor dude picked up the totem kind of reminded me of when in the play he was speaking to the skull or whatever. Cheers, Klei! Can't wait
  4. Hey everyone, I'm back at modding and want to start off by fixing my previous mods. One of my mods, Cave Content Surfaced, makes a new prototype machine, recipe tab, and science level. The mod works pretty well as far as I can tell, except for one error, that if you play as Wickerbottom it crashes the game. From what I can tell, the problem occurs because the game tries to apply Wickerbottom's science bonus onto my "CAVESCIENCE", but I don't have some sort of variable set for her bonus and it crashes the game. Here is the error in the crash log; I also uploaded the modmain and prefab file for the prototyper. Any help would be greatly appreciated! help fix me mod.zip
  5. Simple enough, I thought inst:ListenForEvent("onpickedfn", OnPicked) would be called whenever a flower is picked, because in the flower's prefab there is inst.components.pickable.onpickedfn = onpickedfn, but my OnPicked function never gets run. I know because there is a print statement immediately in the function. Is there another event to listen for, or something else I can do to know when a flower gets picked?
  6. This mod changes colour cubes http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=580602983&searchtext= Edit: Never mind, that is outdated and crashes the game.
  7. Every character has ears, but they are just attached to the headbase But yes this would be an amazing tool if anybody is skilled enough to make it!
  8. Introducing: Wisniowski the Sleepyhead! A self portrait character mod! Enjoy
  9. would you mind sharing with me the code you ended up with? I'm not sure what variable to put for "some_variable_that_makes_the_character_not_talk". And this would go into the character's prefab, or modmain?
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=882610849&searchtext= here's one for the sanity sounds too if those were bothering you
  11. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=368686576&searchtext= This one can disable all overlay effects, including insanity!
  12. You're 100% correct. Maybe there's a way the function could check if there are two containers equipped, but one is full and so the other one then receives the overflow?
  13. Wait, so why bring up hair_hat at all if it's the hat that isn't working?
  14. Would it be possible? I think the current default loading screens are getting kinda old, some new custom ones would be cool. I don't really have any idea how to do this, as it would need to be a mod outside of in-game, like Mods in Menu. If someone could take the initiative to make it, I'm sure it would be met with great renown!
  15. this file was from the assets that some dev uploaded. It had all of the exported hats and a few characters, but i don't remember the link (i think it was on github). I usually use ktools as well, except this is much less of a hassle. wendy.zip
  16. I found this code in actions.lua, it mentions having two backpacks at once but I'm not sure what to do with this information...
  17. @Aquaterion Thank you so much! i owe you my life I did have to alter the function a little bit, but other than that it works perfectly! (spoiler is the altered function in case anyone wants to know it)I also added so it goes if they mine a rock, and only a 51% chance to say it so it's not annoying.
  18. @CarlZalph, sorry I haven't been able to figure it out. So workfinished can't be called from the item's prefab, so i should make the character's prefab listen for workfinished? Or just have the character's prefab listen for the event, and then have the function that makes the item speak in the item's prefab?
  19. I made a custom backpack, with it's own custom widget. It works, you can store items in it and everything, the only problem is items don't automatically go into it. Like if my inventory is full, and the bag is empty and you try to pick something up, its supposed to go into the backpack, but it doesn't in my case. I might have missed a line while making the widget in modmain. Or something. I don't know. Here's the code I used to create the widget And just in case, I'll attach the entire mod to this thread. (It's kinda big, because it's an entire character mod ) But I'll expect this will be an easy fix, if there is one. Wisniowski.zip
  20. Hi, I'm making a custom speaking item, like Lucy. This item is able to chop trees and mine rocks, and I want it to speak after it does so, just like Lucy. I basically copied the code from Lucy, but it just doesn't work. In the item's prefab, I have this right now local function OnFinishedWork(inst, action) if action == ACTIONS.CHOP and inst.components.equippable:IsEquipped() then inst.Say(STRINGS.TALISMAN.on_worked) end print("finishedwork") end --later on in the prefab, under masterpostinit inst:ListenForEvent("workfinished", OnFinishedWork) --or inst:ListenForEvent("finishedwork", OnFinishedWork) Lucy uses the listenforevent "finishedwork", but in the workable component I found "workfinished", so I just tried that too. In game, after chopping a tree, nothing happens. The OnFinishedWork function isn't even called, which makes me think that the ListenForEvent is wrong. Any help to solve this would be greatly appreciated!
  21. I see! I've tested it out a bit, it works pretty well! All except it's unaffected if you just hold space. It doesn't bother me that much though, thank you!