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  1. I would love you forever if you could make a mod like this. Being able to choose how many of one biome spawns, so like 3 oasis deserts, or just the whole world a desert. I love deserts. Being able to increase or decrease biome counts would be amazing though.
  2. just add inst:AddTag("mime") into your character's prefab, in the common_postinit function.
  3. Modded Skins Showcase

    My newest character, Wisniowski the Sleepyhead, just got a new skin! Western Her hat, the Sleep Cap, got a skin to match too. Cowboy Hat
  4. Oh good, I thought this was just me...
  5. You've been accepted as an extra player on our server! You can choose anyone you so desire. Have fun starving together <3

  6. [RELEASE] Quest Mod

    Well, there can be maybe 3 Quests for the story, the King recruiting you, you do X for the King, you do a final quest. In between these quests though, there are a number of smaller radiant quests. So for example: This is how I imagine all Quest Givers to be, with a few Main-Quest-Line quests, and radiant quests in between.
  7. [RELEASE] Quest Mod

    Check this out, guys! Serpens is a genius, these mods and API are a masterpiece!
  8. Charlie's Sister [Spoilers]

    Not many people talk about how time works in DS! They say things can't match up because the game is set in 1906 or whatever, and so and so wasn't invented until 1940s-so and so. But what if time doesn't pass in the real world when it does in DST? Or the other way around! Time could pass much faster in the real world than it does in DST, so maybe Winona could have found the portal ten years later, but for everyone in DST, they've only been trapped for 1 year. So basically, time doesn't matter and any headcanons are a go.
  9. A cliffhanger, that's for sure.
  10. are those shadow footsteps? following you?
  11. Don't post those here. Go here.
  12. During the first phase of the puzzle, it was three times a day, but since it updated yesterday it hasn't again, as far as i know.
  13. when you're in the caves, open the console (by pressing `) and type c_gonext("sacred_chest")