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  1. Started up the series again. Ive done some improvements to my videos. I added custom thumbnails and a proper outro to all my videos. If you watch this, tell me what I can improve on. Thanks.
  2. Here is part 4 and the last part of this particular recording session a lot happens in this video so I encourage you to watch it: And as always I appreciate all feedback thank you.
  3. Here is episode 3 of the series: Feedback is always appreciated!
  4. Here is episode 2 of the series: If you check it out please leave me some feedback thank you.
  5. Had to start over :)Here is the beginning of a new series of Don't Starve: Hopefully we last longer this time :DAgain any feedback on how I can improve my videos is appreciated thanks.
  6. Hey guys, my name is Phil and im a brand new youtuber. I've decided to start my very first series on Don't Starve, and was hoping to get some feedback on it. Any feedback on how I can improve is much appreciated thank you.