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  1. Yeah I know what you mean about this forum but that wasn't my problem. The problem was that I loaded up my save from yesterday (which thankfully worked still), then tried to take a picture of Internationale standing at that barrier using incognito - but something borked, aka the image wasn't saved and I am ofc blatantly blaming Steam for it. No idea what caused this but doesn't matter in the end, it has been the only map creation type bug I ran into in a whole lot of playing so it's prolly not a huge thing at any rate - but next time I run into any issue I'll make a proper report
  2. FFS and edit nr2: Whatever I uploaded here earlier doesn't seem to work for me as I can't access the uploaded file (through STEAM - thank you Valve!!!). Well, craptastic. Anyways, maybe I would have even had a chance to get past there despite the bug or whatever had I been able to KO a guard with the proper passkey when they become more active later on (or when they find an unconscious dude ^^). Alas I stopped trying and just got poor Internationale shot on purpose >_< ... Oh well, time for a new savegame, right?
  3. Cause it didn't let me, I got no such option when I hit incognito.
  4. I still have that savegame, but didn't have time so far so I didn't start the game since after it bugged out completely on me last night (after taking those few screenshots). Looks like the game doesn't like too much alt tabbing in short time like I did, so when I returned after the fifth or so pic I took, the graphics were a garbled mess and I had to shut down the game. So in theory at least, Internationale is still alive and well unless the savegame no longer is after the crash, but I can't really tell you more than I already did. No means to open those locked doors, the one guard has no passcard, every room I have access to is a dead end. What more can I say about it? Like - yay, Internationale will live here happily ever after as long as she keeps sitting on the sleeping guard? ... >_< So, the only ways for me to get out would be if I still had Banks for the locked doors to open, tho she died a mission earlier. Is this perhaps linked to the level creation for the game you started depending on which characters you choose? I somewhat doubt it but who knows. But it's simple, really - it's early access so this sorta stuff is to be expected. Just wanted to let the devs know that in odd situations (I guess), the generation of levels sometimes farks up.
  5. Yes I know that - the problem is simply I can't - check this: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/570024674370080176/2F1085E9C65506868707A9E6BF9150F9F7270D26/ And another one prior to the above one: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/570024674370167281/F21099F2E7A9BCE60622D4B2FB49BA803D94AB67/ Btw @ Devs: After alt-tabbing a few times the game went completely bonkers on me with messed up graphics as if half the level was certainly missing. Not 100% if I can reproduce it, but looked like some or other bug to me. Just a heads up.
  6. I still have the savegame but I can't get past the lasers cause all I have is International and she cannot unlock security doors unfortunately >_< Edit: Oh, the south eastern room - there's nothing inside (when there perhaps should be?)...
  7. No passcard in that downed guard (reason I lamped him one in the first place), guard is behind the laser (I just closed the door after a quick check) and the room to the left is indeed empty.
  8. I THINK I read something along the lines of the generation of levels being a little bugged right now, but I am not 100% sure if that's correct (I'm getting old ^^). Anyways, having lost Banks in the previous mission in my new run through story mode I continued on with International and encountered this little issue you see in the pic - I had not really made a whole lot of money or found anything for International to use in a situation like this, so I don't quite think it's intended as it would appear a little TOO random to me. http://i.imgur.com/AMQ58dU.jpg Edit: Forum's bugged for me btw, doesn't let me upload pics for some reason...