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  1. Soooo do Rock Lobsters still multiply like rabbits? or was this patched earlier and I missed it?
  2. I generated a few worlds and looked over the maps and I noticed something interesting. I always got one large enemy set piece. The Tallbird fort, The Spider Ring, the tentacle/reed trap, and The Hound Mound ring. Also the hound mound ring was previously only available in adventure mode so it's cool to have this as a possibility now.
  3. Plus as previously stated in this thread as water level rises the chance for a tool to slip out of your hands increases. I'm not sure if that drains durability as well.
  4. Brick road no longer always leads you to the pig king/pig village.
  5. To add to this it doesn't get dark during a full moon allowing you to explore without light.
  6. Time to give some bad news...structures are all flammable. The charred remains can still be hammered for half the contents back but this will make fire hounds much more annoying and the addition of this fire breathing dragon fly could possibly ruin your whole base. Crock pots get wet and it reduces the condition of the food items. Normal bees seem to be gone and replaced by killer bees, much less agressive though and will only attack if you stay in their space too long. Bee hives also have more bees to send out upon an attack making honeycombs a little tougher to acquire.
  7. I think there needs to be a threat to stockpiled food. We all know that food in crock pots/ dry racks and farms does not spoil. Due to this it is possible to stockpile huge amounts of food with no risk of spoilage. I suggest a raccoon type mob that comes periodically in growing numbers similar to hounds or perhaps their numbers are determined by the amount of food that could potentially be stolen. They do not attack the player they only harvest as much as they can before the player chases them out of their base. They will run when chased but can be killed /frozen to get your food back. Perhaps they only come towards the end of fall when food needs to be stockpiled for winter. Food contained in the fridge/chests are safe as an incentive to harvest before winter so the spoilage comes into play.
  8. Both of mine were on my Adventure mode run with Wes... I was on world 4, which was "The Game is Afoot" I was doing great with a little base and lots of supplies when I decided to cross the tentacle bridge, I wanted to keep my log armour because I didn't have an abundance of pig skin and didn't want the tentacles to burn through football helmets. I left my backpack outside the area before the tentacle bridge and ran through quickly with my walking cane no problem. I'm a good way into the swamp as darkness appoaches and I realized I have no light and nothing I can craft into light...I look at the map in panic and I book it back. Charlie attacks me constantly blowing through my log armour and football helmet, luckily I had crafted a second football helmet before leaving. I travel across the bridge in the pitch black using the map constantly to move quickly in the right directions and not get blasted by tentacles. I make it next to my backpack and make a fire. I am now completely insane, have very little health and almost no condition left to my football helmet but I survive and make it back to my base to regroup and eventually beat this world. Then I made it to Darkness and when it came time to cross a chess piece bridge I didn't want to make the same mistake of leaving something important behind so I travel with my backpack, a miner's hat and my walking cane thinking I could avoid getting hit and just run straight through. I walk past a clockwork bishop and dodge his blast, then I make a turn into a dead end...****. I think I can take a hit if I have to and try to just run past again and I see 4 flashes of light crash into me to my death, there must have been a cluster of bishop's right around that dead end...Haven't had the heart to try adventure mode with Wes since.
  9. Deerclops can be a bit of a nuisance but he's not too hard to fight. I'm just past day 100 on a new wolfgang run and I have Deerclops and Treeguards set to lots. My most recent winter after caving for a few days I come back to a Deerclops destroying my bee hives and two of my farms are destroyed! I fire a blowdart to get his attention and then grab my recently acquired shelmet to do battle. Next day after putting away my loot I hear Deerclops again...I can never tell what direction he's coming from and by the time I find him he's destroyed 3 of my dry racks. Blowdart again and bash him with mighty wolfgang. My sanity dips because of the fight and I have to fight a Terrorbeak and walking nightmare around my campfire to get my sanity back. Finally settling in and rebuilding my farms and dry racks when I hear him again! 3 times in three days, he heads straight for my bee boxes and takes down another 2 before I can draw his aggro and kill him. Luckily the next day was summer...I feared it was a glitch and I would have to relocate my base... 6 Bee boxes, 3 dry racks and 2 farms destroyed, but I now have 5 deerclops eyeballs to make houndious shootious' when I find the ruins.