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  1. @Rawberry_ I'm not familiar with ahk scripts (to be honest, the syntax makes me want to gouge-out my eyes so I've never bothered trying beyond swapping caps and esc so I can use nvim), but it looks like there are file objects and a ReadLine method for them built-in. We could maybe set-up a way to regenerate all the seeds already on the website after @Cairath finishes her update. She could send a file with seeds on each line, send half to you, half to me, and we can get it done in a few nights (as long as it could be stopped and started again; maybe write completed seeds to another file and some manual finagling, I'm not sure how nice ahk is about serialization). Edit: Loop (Read File Contents) in the help files looks like it's fit-for-purpose: Loop, Read, InputFile, [, OutputFile] On another note: Dear god, the only syntax file for vim I can find to support ahk is a decade old.
  2. Rawberry's script works, however I've had to redo the images for all the buttons. (Different resolutions is likely the issue, but I didn't do much digging beyond that.) Edit: K, typical me I think it's working when it isn't. Trying to debug it now. Figured it all out. I'll leave it running tonight. Not something I would expect someone with zero knowledge of coding to tweak, but it should be easy-peasy for anyone who knows the absolute basics.
  3. Unfortunately, opening them indeed causes a crash. I got the same as cabanaboy. Does make me wish there was an easy way to tell which update the mod is for.