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  1. Sasiska))))

    1. sosiskaKi


      Just some trading...

  2. Who is your best alpha troll? My - Aranea

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    2. Halved


      Dont know if you are still around, person.

      My fav Alpha troll would be Meenah

    3. KidneyBeanBoy


      I've never really tried drawing any of the trolls,(mostly because I am determined to stay in the more sburb-oriented part of the fandom for as long as my willpower permits,) but if I did it would probably be Kankri. He just just so glubbin' easy to draw.

    4. DwerBomb
  3. Hmm... somebody there like ponies? No one have a pony avatar though. Anyway what can you tell about my vectors? I start draw them 6 days ago.

    1. Morgan17


      Used to.

      But that was a different time.

    2. Hugo M.

      Hugo M.

      Wwlink55 may like the show, he/she has a pony avatar(did you ignore him/her?xD) she/he may only just like the pic tho, i've seen that happening before. Also Palpetinus and AlbinoWyvern both like the show, and Albino is even an artist so she may help you. I hope I helped!

    3. mitboy