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    Hello! Rob here with a mod that adds Youtuber, Chris "Sips" Lovasz into Don't starve! Heres the Forum Post!-Released!-Rock&p=203532#post203532 Updated as of 18/07/2013 (UK format) There are TWO versions of the mod now, The original "Sips" is the "" and the variant is the mediafire link at the bottom Current Team WARNING: DO NOT INSTALL SPACESIPS AND SIPS AT THE SAME TIME, IT WILL CRASH TILL I FIX IT SpaceSips Download My Appologies about this, this one is too big for the Mod uploader! :S
  2. Ah Glad to see everything is cleared up then, Thankyou for the heads up about the bug!
  3. Don't worry about it Ipsquiggle! You and everyone have been so very helpful!
  4. I've got my Sips mod working for the Test branch except for a few "Niggly" bits, I've done the U/V mapping for the .xml. except on the character select screen, Sips shows up as Wilson, with Wilson's Big picture, and Wilson's select screen images, If you can help me with this that'd be Wonderful! (Just as a notice: In-game the anims are all fine and everything so I think im right in assuming the .xmls are to blame here)Cheers