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  1. Chester Licking Wilson Cycle "SLURP!" I got a bit lazy making this one. Lazy as in actually allocating time to do this. The week was hectic, but I got it done! I'm a bit disappointed in how Chester turned out. He seems a bit flat, I'll probably find a way to spruce him up in the future, but hes like that for now. I hope to evolve my work as time goes on (hopefully for the better). If you see some dramatic switch in colors, design, etc., it's probably me experimenting with things. All part of the learning experience. I should probably do something very important, and actually make a reference model for each character I am trying to animate, so that they don't vary ridiculously between GIFS or scenes. You'll probably get a screenshot of that when I get through it. (If I'm not lazy again.)
  2. It sure is motivating. I've already started a second GIF, but then I was distracted by videogames... I'll get working on it today some more. If it takes too long then I might put screenshots up of the progress made.
  3. It looks really good! I think you should definitely keep doing what you are doing.
  4. That is one big seal. Thanks for the continued support guys! How about Chester licking Wilson over and over again? For future reference I probably won't take many suggestions/requests as making these things is no cakewalk, especially since I'm just starting out, but challenge accepted!
  5. Woah, I did not expect JoeW to be the second one to post on this. Thanks for the support! You too Pecival! I don't know what else to say really.
  6. Night Time Plunder My first real attempt at animation (other than stick figures), and this was quite the learning experience. I had a few issues, mainly keeping to model, timing, and... drawing... but I did much better on the second half when I started ironing some of those issues out. I hope to improve as time goes on, and maybe you will get to see some of that progression here. Any constructive criticism would be helpful! Yes... this may or not be related to when I saw Webber in the Winter trailer for Reign of Giants. I was very excited when I saw this.
  7. OOC: It's fine. You didn't go to far either so it's not like one of the characters could quick remark that they lost their stuff or some weird staff is sticking out of the ground.
  8. OOC: Um... since you went through the portal and technically entered "Adventure Mode" wouldn't you lose your entire inventory but gain a Divining Rod to search out the Things?
  9. OOC: Hah! That reference was sadly drilled into the ground with it's overuse. Just a heads up, this may be my last post for the day. "Just don't kill him OK?"
  10. "This entire situation seems suspicious to me, but it's better than just sitting here. I'll tag along, but you better also take it up with Sam. I doubt he'll let you leave without him."
  11. "But what about when you said that everyone who you left there stayed there forever? How do you know if you never see them?"
  12. "So either way, when we get there, you get casted out, and the rest of us are left to an unknown fate." Wilf pauses for a moment, "Did you see previous people when you brought others or were they gone?"
  13. "Well that's what it sounds like. You lead people to this guy and you leave them there. You haven't given me a reason to suspect otherwise."
  14. OOC: I dunno but I still get the picture. Wilf was a bit suspicious, "So we get there, and then you leave us for dead?"
  15. "Still there? Then how did you get out?"