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  1. Hey, sorry I haven't been on my email/ this in a while. I don't get very much Internet up here...

  2. sorry im not uploading any videos anyone im waitin for the cave update to come out.. should be here today sometime
  4. uhhhh.. ... got anything else?
  5. how do i know if its worth the money ? have you used it before ? .. and like what if it still lags when i use it
  6. can you link me to the buyable version i can only find the trial version
  7. i need something free im 15 i cant afford it if its... hmm birthday money.. over 15 $
  8. fraps... i dont know if there is a mac version buddy
  9. hello everyone and welcome to my videos for dont starve.. now the deal here is i will upload a video almost everyday . and you guys can either 1: draw a comic page about a certain video or even a certain section or part of a video or 2 : just post a regular comment about the video or A VIDEO i should say.. so without further waiting here is the first video for today http-~~-// thanks to raven for the artwork!!!! ^-^
  10. im sorry is this REALLY in the game??? o,o i have to know
  11. ellebelly ^-^ your awesome