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  1. Bumping this up, the giveaway's over but I'm looking for new don't starve ideas!
  2. Few more likes and we'll giveaway the first copy! Like and comment on each video to increase your chances!!!
  3. 5 more likes till the first copy is drawn!
  4. Now doin its not a rock lets plays!
  5. Bumping this up, we're about to reach the goal
  6. We'll reach 50 likes and the first copy will be given away! Share this with your friends, or just ask your friends to like and comment. And if they win and they don't play this game, ask them to give it to you!
  7. Epic! Thanks for the support guys! I'll soon be making the giveaway! :)Keep it up!
  8. Hey there guys, I've started a lets play on the game, and I'd really love it if you'd check it out, maybe drop down a like or something,that'd really help me out.The entire lets play is on Original/1080p QualityStart of the series - tell me whatçha thing about the video in the comments section! Thanks :)Giveaway - 1x copy of the game!How to enter - Watch the video, like it, and comment on it! If I see that there are lots of people active and watching, I'll choose one random comment from the most recentepisode, and will contact them on claiming their prize! Good luck!Second giveaway - another copy!Once we reach our goal, we'll give out the first copy, then after 100' more likes, we'll give out another one! Double your chances of wining!For more giveaways and such from our channel, visit SmiteMedia*Want to increase your chances of winning? Comment & like on every single video of the series! The playlist - Part 2 3 4 5 6