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  1. If there was something late game on the surface that required items from the caves to properly survive (in the same sense that you need warm clothing to survive winter). Unfortunatly thats its not exactly a simple idea to implement... maybe if we'd got the new season there could have been most of the cooling items down in the ruins.
  2. It was the middle of winter... I was heading on the long journey back to camp after scouring the far reaches of the map for chess pieces when for some reason I was completely oblivious to the fact it was getting dark, right up until the last few seconds of light... With terror I frantically searched the mess that was my inventory for the torch I knew must be there, and just as I heard Charlie preparing to strike I found it! There was a second to calm myself before I suddenly began to freeze, at which point I realised I'd run out of grass for fire. Luckily I was next to a forest which I promptly set alight, only to discover I was now in the middle of a vast nest of spider queens. Unfortunatly I don't remember how the hell I made it back home but I do remember it was the single sweetest moment of joy and relief I've had in a game