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  1. (Huh. Hadn't thought of decapitation. Hmm...Yeah. That'd probably kill her. Or hydra her. Nah. Most likely death.)
  2. (Oh. FYI. My area may be without power the rest of the week. Fair warning.)
  3. I always pick weird teams without caring about the types. Favourite one is Gardevoir (I have a shiny one. So happy~)
  4. Eve could swear the trees were moving. It seemed she couldn't go a minute without walking into one of the claw marks she scratched into the trees to track her progress. She briefly contemplated if she could climb up on of the trees to get a sense of direction before her corrosion ate away at the branches. She decided against it. If she fell, she could snap her legs. And Eve really didn't feel like having to waste time gnawing through them so she could get moving again. Speaking of movement, Eve watched as something flitted through the trees above her. Though following it was an interesting prospect, where it had come from was far more interesting. She turned around and went in the general direction the wispy thing had come from. Eve arrived at a small clearing where, to her surprise, a man stood. Another unusual. Her entire time here, she had only found remnants of other humans. She'd never have thought she'd find one alive. "Herrrgrh" she growled. "Hhhrrrreel" damn. It had been so long she had needed the spoken word, Eve had forgotten how to speak. "Iiiiii eeeeeevvvvrgh. Eeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeee" wWith great difficulty she had gotten some words out. Whether he understood them remained to be seen.
  5. (Good thing it's not. I look forward to his little fights.)
  6. That song in the trailer does not seem to be a song in the soundtrack currently. Unless I'm forgetting one.
  7. It's been said before. But I'll say it again. HIS VOICE HAS GOT TO BE A FIDDLE.
  8. Since he's a robot, maybe he shouldn't be able to use a meat effigy in the first place.
  9. Some general giants that aren't tied to a particular season. Wallace The Mad science machine More varied threats(maybe a hungry hound wave that goes after storage with food in it.) things like that Adventure mode worlds that involve the caves and new stuff added by the dlc.
  10. Webber! Now all we need is Wallace and I'll be very happy.
  11. (It's actually quite funny. I was just coming on to ask Tes to remove that as I also was thinking that made her too powerful. However, I disagree with needing to make it a severe aversion to pain. By simply changing her from pain resistance to normal human threshold, it adds the interesting prospect of her having to deal with these regenerations. For the record. No need to get angry at me. Just tell me what's wrong(preferably in a pm so we don't clog up the thread.) I'm always listening which is why I edited in the, "waiting for dimentio's stare" I like to hear feedback and from what I observed in this one and the previous one. You're pretty good at that.)
  12. (I wouldn't say invincible. Just implacable. Forgot to add to her downsides that too many regenerations in succession drain the gem faster. She's limited to about two major ones(regenerating major limbs) an hour. But if you're not inflicting major wounds and are just giving her nicks and cuts, she's going to keep coming at you.)
  13. ARISE THREAD, LONG SINCE DEAD!!! ARI- Look. I'm necroing it. Anyways. I plan on continuing with this story. For now. Enjoy a short snippet of Charlie's thoughts. To gain an ally, especially amongst survivors was difficult to say the least. But with a thorough plan, Charlie knew at least two who could be persuaded to her side. One would be simple enough, relishing at the opportunity she wished to provide. As for the other....the old Codex Umbra had a page that would be of much interest to her.
  14. The King had fallen. A Queen rose up from the ashes.

    1. Morgan17


      Sppuider Queen? YEAH

  15. (Oh stop, you two. You're making me blush. Now to wait for the scrutinizing gaze of Dimentio.)
  16. (No ideas so I just threw Eve into the forest Pecival described.) Eve wandered these woods for awhile. In truth, had it not been for her increasingly dwindling supply of purple gems, she'd have lost track of the passage of time long ago. Now things were serious. She was down to her final two gems, one of which was already deep set into the socket of her chest piece. Time was running out. Which incedently led to her current prediciment. Sleep had been a precious comodioty these last few days and Eve had made the decision to avoid it when she could. After a particularly nasty run in with a pack of hounds, she had stopped by a particularly large tree to rest. Using her right arm to hold herself up, she had fallen asleep. When she awoke hours later, Eve had found her arm stuck inside the tree up to her shoulder. Her corrosion had eaten into its bark and now refused to let her exit. She had contemplated simply readjusting her arm so that the corrosion would eat its way out but she simply didn't have that kind of time. Only one options left. She licked her lips before opening her mouth, revealing the wicked sharp canines that she had since evolved. With a feral scream, she chomped down into her own flesh. She tore at it, tossing the pieces she got onto the ground. On several withdraws, teeth broke, came loose. By the next few bites, they had grown back sharper and deeper rooted. Soon, a small pile of skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons lay scattered on the ground around her. A loud crack signaled her arm bone being pulled out of its socket. Eve dug her feet in and gave a great pull. Another CRACK and she went stumbling onto the ground, free of the entrapped limb. She turned to look at the tree and watched as the bark became slimy black, the severed arm leaking whatever now flowed through her veins. She felt a strange tingle in her armless shoulder. "Let's see what I am gifted." A new arm thrust itself out, covered in black slime that hissed as it hit the ground. Eve gave the new appendage a look see. The rectangular swirling patterns had become more pronounced and her nails had been replaced with what she assumed were claws. But other than that, the same. She picked herself up and continued her way. She had to find her way out.
  17. ( Now me right? Ummm...not going to lie. Nooooo idea where I can jump in here.)
  18. (Is it okay if I jump in here and introduce my character?)
  19. XD ain't a way my xbox will be playing watchdogs. That thing when I first got it. I played viva piƱata. It is on its last legs as it is.
  20. Dark souls 2 and watch dogs are the only reasons I'm getting a next gen console.