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  1. "We need the gold more than we need lawn gnomes." I joke. "But first things first." I point in the direction of the Bunnyman. "Why is one of those on the surface?"
  2. I follow after Keno, hobbling along on my crutch. I collect what looks important. Sticks, bits of flint. I nod. "Being able to make some better equipment would be most helpful. Perhaps we can trade with the pigs for more valuable resources?"
  3. [OOC] Apologies. I fell asleep early last night.[iC] I shake my head, dazed at what happened. "Apologies. Sometimes my brain likes to disconnect control over my body." I nibble on what few morsels I have. "We need to make a farm. Get a steady supply of food."
  4. I nod. What appeared to be a green handkerchief moves, and a small mandrake pokes out from the top of my jacket pocket. Upon spotting the hound, it lets out a startled cry and hides back into the pocket. I chuckle. "Forgive him. He can be rather fearful." I reach into my coat and offer a few morsels of meat. I eat a few myself.
  5. I grin. Or at least as much as my rotten muscles allow me. "Mind if I join you? Perhaps I can be of assistance." I remove a log I've been carrying on my back and set it down. I use it as a seat. I lean my crutch against it. "So your name's Keno. Mine's Patch." I extend my hand. "Pleasure to meet you."
  6. I've been wandering in these dark swamps for awhile. My torch is close to running out. I spot a nearby fire. Wandering towards it, I take note of the figure and his hound. Cautiously, I step within the edge of the camp light. "You one of Maxwell's?" I ask, my rotten lips and tongue messing with the pronounciation. I lean on my crutch as I await an answer.
  7. [OOC]My character.Name: PatchSpecies: Human (formerly), undead (currently)Background: During life, Patch was a relatively normal person. However, based on the judgements of his family, he had never amounted to much. One day, a man in a rather dapper suit made him an offer. A chance to prove his worth. Patch jumped on it instantly. When he awoke, he was in a strange world. Patch struggled to survive, but through out it all, one thing kept him feeling safe. An amulet with a cracked red gem as a centerpiece that he had found. Patch's luck did not last however. A nasty encounter with hounds killed him. While the amulet should've instantly resurrected him, the long crack in the gem's face delayed the process. This cause patch to be resurrected in a half decayed body.Further Information: Patch's right leg is significantly more decayed than his left, requiring him to walk with a crutch. Patch must occasionally take fresh flesh from any source to replace parts that have decayed beyond use.Goal: Survive and attempt to reverse the damage that was done to him by the faulty amulet.
  8. Oh don't worry. I haven't. Wanted to check out the its not a rock update beta before continuing. For now, enjoy a little snippet.Charlie was furious. Between the intruder and Maxxie, her forces were spread thin. She needed a way to hit them both. She analyzed each piece, looking for someway to hit them. Seeing no moves, Charlie struck the table. She observed as the board shook violently for several seconds, sending the pieces sprawling in random directions. Her face twisted into a cruel smirk. "That'll do...."
  9. Also, one day, would you mind making this a "tennis" thread? (where we take turns writing the story) Not on this story. But a tennis story would be interesting. Also none of those. You'll just have to wait and see.-Luggs
  10. Chapter 3: The Black Pawn Maxwell pressed onwards, searching desperately for food. He had found a few berry bushes where the sun shined through cracks in the the ceiling. These few mouthfuls had been boons but they did not provide the sustenance Maxwell would require to keep going. He had attempted to eat the bulbs of the light flowers but they provided him with no filling, feeling as though he had swallowed air. These caves Charlie had designed were clearly inhospitable, more so than his own creations. He continually adjusted the rope tied around his head. While its usefulness had not faded, it was certainly beginning to chafe. As Maxwell pushed onward, he couldn't help but notice a distinct flapping sound. Unfortunately, with the echoes the cave produced, it was impossible to tell where it was coming from. He decided to keep moving and hopefully escape whatever was making that noise. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Charlie smiled as the white pawn moved towards the black one. "Wrong move, Maxxie. Wrong move." She said gleefully. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maxwell hadn't taken more than five steps when he saw a pair of red eyes staring at him. "Hello?" Maxwell asked quizzically. The red eyes came closer and closer until the form was barely in view. "Oh no." The creature flew into sight. A great, ugly bat with wings barely big enough to hold it greeted him. It screeched and attacked. The bat began to circle Maxwell, grinning at him with its blood soaked teeth. Maxwell struggled to keep the bat in sight, gripping his club with both hands. As it swooped towards him, he swung his improvised weapon at it. The club struck its wing, sending the bat down to the floor. Before it had a chance to get back in the air, Maxwell was on top of it. He proceeded to stomp its face in until it ceased squirming. Maxwell examined the now dead creature. The majority of its flesh was tainted, just like most monsters. However, its wings looked quite edible. Maxwell didn't give it a second thought. He ripped off the wings and quickly gobbled them down. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Charlie snarled as the black pawn exploded on the board. Several black fragments embedded themselves on her face but she paid them no mind. "Alright, Maxxie. Time to bring out the good stuff." She pushed several more black pawns towards the white pawn when the most unusual thing occurred. The pawn slowly began to morph into a king. "What in the..." Charlie stared at the board when she noticed a white pawn had appeared on the farside of the board. Who could it...... No. How was he STILL alive? She pushed several pieces towards this intruder. He would not interfere!
  11. I have had incredibly bad luck in the past with wood carving. I almost always end up nearly cutting a finger off.-Luggs
  12. Chapter 2: The Opening Moves Charlie. Betrayed him... Maxwell couldn't believe it. His friend...a traitor. No. He couldn't get distracted now. He needed a better source of light. And he needed one before his torch ran out. Taking a look at what little of his surroundings by his torch, Maxwell noticed a skeleton lying upon the ground. "I don't remember that one." Had Charlie tested her designs on others? Fine tuning it until she felt it was perfect to torment him with. Maxwell noticed a few saplings and grass tufts. He had watched his pieces collect these and make all sorts of things with them. Thankfully, Maxwell had very deep pockets and could store them with ease. He decided that this location held nothing more for him and to push onwards. He took a step forward, the sound echoing in the cave. Maxwell came to a sight unfamiliar to him. A plant, leaves low to the ground and a single stalk rising up to the true peculiar thing. A single, glowing white bulb. Tentatively, he reached out and plucked the bulb. It broke with relative ease. Maxwell smiled slightly when it stayed glowing. "Now there's an idea." Taking some of the grass he picked earlier, Maxwell weaved it into a rope. Taking the bulb and rope, he tied them around his forehead. Not the most fashionable hat but it served its purpose. Maxwell extinguished his torch but kept the stick as a sturdy club for anything Charlie put down here with him. Maxwell allowed himself a small chuckle. "Won't be so easy to kill me, Charlie." ~~~~~~~~~~~ On the nightmare throne, Charlie was engaged with a small chessboard on a table set on front of her. She giggled as the lone white pawn continued to roam the board. "Oh, I was hoping for a challenge Maxxie." She pushed a black pawn towards the white one. "Let's get started on the fun bits shall we?"
  13. Chapter 1: Let the Games Begin Silence. That's what Maxwell could stand about this place. No blasted tune repeating over and over again. No whispers of dark matters bombarding his mind. Just...silence. He had no idea of where he was or if he was anywhere. He couldn't feel anything solid but he couldn't complain. Maxwell pondered his current state. Was he dead? Was this what the afterlife was? If it was, it was rather dull. At least the last time he was stuck in a void, he had the powers to shape his own world. But those powers resided with the Throne which he was now freed from. After what seemed like an eternity, Maxwell felt a tug. "What in the..." The void began to fill with a blinding light as Maxwell felt himself be dragged towards its source. "You won't put me behind bars again!" Maxwell cried as he flailed in a vain attempt to make whatever had him let go. Maxwell awoke to the sound of dripping water. He got up slowly. Where was he? As he looked around, he deduced he was in some sort of cave. "I don't recall making caves..." Laughter filled the air. "Of course you didn't. I did." It was then that Charlie stepped out of the shadows into just bare visibility. "Charlie! What is the meaning of this treachery?!" Maxwell questioned furiously. "Consider it payback." She replied, her voice dripping with malice. "Payback?" Maxwell was taken aback. He had expected of all people, that Charlie wouldn't be trying to trick him. "Yes...What was the deal again? Power over dark forces in exchange for me?" She snickered. "Well look who has the power now. Now you're the 'expendable' one." She tossed him a torch. "Now what was it you say? Oh yes..." She turned to face him, striking a light on a pipe. She took a drag before speaking."Say, pal. You don't look so good. Better find something to eat before your torch burns out." Charlie cackled as she vanished in a puff of smoke. Maxwell could only stare into the inky darkness around him. "Charlie..."
  14. A longer story than the one shots I've been writing. Enjoy. Horrors Unbound Prologue: A New Game To say the least, Maxwell was bored. What were supposed to be his 2 new playthings weren't even struggling. They were thriving in fact. Everything he threw at them: hounds, Deerclops, Krampus. They slaughtered with ease. Maxwell slumped in the nightmare throne, trying desperately to get in a more comfortable position. Not that he would. You can't sit comfortably on the nightmare throne. One of the perks of being the king they didn't tell him. Not that they told him much when he had made the deal. He sighed as the record repeated again. How long did he have to listen to that same blasted tune?Over the tune, he could faintly hear a scurrying. As he gazed into the darkness, a pair of white eyes stared back at him. These were unlike the eyes that Maxwell normally saw in the darkness. These glowed softly, almost lovingly. And no malice was behind these eyes. Only a almost childish joy. "Hello, Charlie. To what do I owe the pleasure?" He said dully. "You just looked so bored, Maxxie." A soft, feminine voice replied. "I thought you would like to play a game." "I'm in no mood for chess, Charlie." He bowed his head slightly. "Now go." "Oh no, Maxxie." The voice giggled. "This is a new sort of game. One we've never played before." "Oh really? And what just it might be?" "See for yourself." A glimmer shined through the air and thudded on the marble floor. A purple gem, with intricate patterns scratched into the surface. Maxwell leaned in, making sure his old eyes weren't deceiving him. "T-the shadow key....." He whispered. "How did you get this...." "It doesn't matter, Maxxie. What matters is the game." Charlie said playfully. "You and me. We trade spots. I sit on the throne for awhile. And you see what it's like on the other side of the board." Maxwell thought for awhile. This arrangement was growing tiresome. But Charlie..... "Are you sure?" "Of course I'm sure, Maxxie. Come on. It'll be fun." "Fine." Maxwell snuffed out the fire that cast light onto the key and the lock. "Perfect." A scurrying was heard as she collected the key and fit it into the lock. A faint click was heard. Suddenly, the nightmare throne retreated into the ground, freeing Maxwell from it at long last. "Yes..." He stared at his now unshackled hands. But soon, his joy was replaced with horror. His hands were turning to dust. "No.....noooooo." Maxwell screamed into the darkness as his body began to be blown away by the wind. Soon, nothing was left. A new figure sat on the nightmare throne and she was grinning madly. "So the game begins...."
  15. I recall I once made a project with thin legs that worked. The trick was I put nails in them so they had more area to bond to. While there are better materials, from what I've seen I would require molds. A bit more expensive but it would make making multiple pawns easier. I'll have to check what would be in my price range.
  16. The challenge of designing Charlie would be interesting.
  17. While I would love to make the clockwork creatures, their legs are too thin for them to support their bodies at this scale.I would also like to say thank you for your ideas.-Luggs
  18. The reason for the rook is that in order to make sure he's not constantly falling over, he'd have to be very small compared to the other pieces. The reason I don't want to make clockwork creatures is their legs. They're so thin the clay would snap during firing. Not set in stone with clay. I'll probably use it to do some design tests and decide on a less fragile material after a bit of research.
  19. Much appreciated. For the sake of anyone wanting to help, I'll put a list of road blocks I've run into.-The poses of some of the wider creatures. (Beefalo, Koalefant, spider queen.) keep in mind, I have to stay within a 2 in. X 2 in. Square for each piece.-what creature/character should be what piece. Black is maxwell's side, white is the characters' side. I don't want to use the clockwork creatures for maxwell's side as the rook is far too wide.-Design for the base the figures shall rest on.-Luggs