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  1. Apologie for the atrocious delay. I'll have Winnie up and ready in the next hour or so.
  2. Just for RoG (which I'm not as familiar with) and U&A. Normal vanilla I should have done on Monday. As for Wendy, Silent's is infinitely better than what I was about to post. Hat's off to you.
  3. Could work. Maybe have the crafting tab on the side be the GM's control panel.
  4. So I'm putting the finishing touches and my power goes out. Data is corrupted and long story short, the last back up I made was last December. I'll put up the back up just so Myco has an idea on Winnie. I can probably splurge through the rest from memory. So sorry about this . EDIT: Forums aren't letting me put the list so I'll just send it to Myco direct.
  5. So good news and bad news on that. Good news I'm almost done with the vanilla part. The bad news is that I have exams and my graduate project coming up so I'm not going to have free time. I can finish up the vanilla part no problem but after that I'll most likely have to be absent at least til the end of May. So unless y'all don't mind waiting til that's done with and I can get on writing them, one of the other writers could cover the RoG and U&A portions of her quotes.
  6. (Apologies for taking so long. That paper has really taken a lot out of me.) She couldn't put her finger on it but the man seemed to be weakening. Eve just followed though. No point to kill him. Not yet. They soon reached the forest edge. Ah. Sweet freedom. Now to find more gems. "Shall I escort the lady?" Eve mulled it over. While an extra set of hands would be an aid, she didn't need someone to slow her down. She shook her head softly and turned to leave but was stopped in her tracks by a most peculiar sensation. Evelyn's sense of touch was gone, she was certain of that. However, this feeling was much deeper than what could be perceived by the surface of her skin. It was an electrifying sensation that tensed her muscles and made her "blood" run thick. She looked at the man. There was a look on his face. Curiosity or perhaps fear. "Wait here." The man glided past her towards what she saw was a light. Perhaps this was the source. "Nnnnnooooo." She half growls. Eve stalks after the man, her right hand opened to use her claws if needed.
  7. (Oh it's my turn. Pardon me I was not aware. You'll need to skip me this rotation though. I got a research paper due in two days and will be quite busy.)
  8. Had a blast. I vote ultimate chimera hunt
  9. After the splurg of strings I've been doing, I shall describe the food of our mod in one word. Diabeetus.
  10. There are still quite a few ground animations missing (the boxes in the picture, the octocopter pieces, and a few more), but I'm taking a small break. I'll add MilleniumCount's gustflower seeds when I come back to the art stuff. Also, does the forum look really screwy to anyone else? The formatting is way off on both my mac and desktop. Oh good. I thought that was just me. I have one question. Why so many sewing kits?
  11. Not really. The idea of equivalent exchange is to convert items into a base material and the use it to make expensive stuff. Ours from my understanding is you put it in, activate it, and you get something similar. Ex: you put in flint and you can get gold, but you could also get nitre.
  12. I was thinking fir seeds. You know. The ones that look like little helicopters.
  13. Could be dual purpose. Cheap wall and a farmable source of beanstalk chunks.
  14. They were regenerating walls if I remember correctly.
  15. Well. Armour depends on where you live. Also. Blame my friends on any spelling errors. They messed with my spellcheck .
  16. I was going off of Lium's list. Mostly what's missing is stuff from back when we were on a single thread. I'll be doing some thread diving and will post them to add and finish up her list.
  17. But I have some gifts. First, a kettle. After all No one should be without a good cup of tea Second. A blueprint for something to help you learn Many strange and wonderful things were discovered up there. And summarily lost. But perhaps they were lost with good reason, hmm?
  18. I'm in. Especially since I'm finally free of my dreaded one click mouse.
  19. Sure. But remind me what the lectern does again.
  20. And by momentarily, I meant an hour. Wendy quotes
  21. Putting the finishing touches. She'll be up momentarily.
  22. Heh. He picks up poop with his bare hands but is afraid of a little spider goo. Oh Wilson.
  23. Eve followed after the man. He wasn't talkative man but that was fine by her. It gave her time to think. First thing she'd need is more purple gems. She had maybe a few hours left on her current gem and the one in her pocket. That gave her 28 hours tops, plus the 30 minutes it'd take for her to phase out. She couldn't help but grin as a few rays of sunlight was able to reach the forest floor. Good. They were getting close to its edge. She picked at one of the corners of her mouth with her clawed hand, unintentionally creating a slight stretch to her mouth on the right side. Ugh. This evolution thing was something she'd have to be careful about.
  24. (Would Eve hear this as well or is it only perceptible by Tempus?)