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  1. He said its been fixed. At least. An issue involving boolean(whatever that is) and configs has been fixed.
  2. iods fkjndfsyja sytkdfoij gfrkjfbhjk nkj mjnjn c n (Curse you, tiny keyboard)
  3. Oh dear. And I just spent my whole 15 dollars. Eh. I think I'll sit this summer out. Usually I'm like this.
  4. Asking out that dial tone again, I see.

    1. Morgan17


      What does that even mean?

    2. KidneyBeanBoy
    3. Morgan17



      I just got nostalgia from that and I have no idea why

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  5. THAT MADE ME FALL OUT OF MY CHAIR. Freaking good job, W. Very terrifying.
  6. It looks more horrified than sad
  7. Well we don't know that was definitely Wolfgang. We know its was a strongman and that Wolfgang is a strongman. We do not know that Wolfgang was that strongman.
  8. OMG Webber is so adorable I just want to give him a big ol' hug.
  9. Hehehe. This looks amusing. Could help ya'll with writing.
  10. Eh. Either works. I prefer multi eyes though.
  11. Maybe it's just my monitor but something about her looks off.
  12. This is what I mean.
  13. From playing, I think we need someone to give Winnie a once over and make her duller for lack of a better word. Compared to the rest of the world, she's very bright.
  14. Wormhole (closed)- Is that meat? Wormhole (open)- It’s full of teeth. But where does it go? Wormhole (exited)- It was yucky in there. I would like to note that Winnie still draws on Wilson's quotes for these despite them being available. Not sure what's up
  15. I prefer that sea. But wasn't there a problem where it would only load the waves immediately around land and leave the rest a black void?
  16. As I recall, the beanlet's beans make a mandrake scream when you eat them. At least they should.
  17. Fun fact. Doesn't let you when you're still new. Who knew?
  18. And I question my sanity after writing them all.
  19. Yikes. 10 am. Alright. Guess I'm smelling napalm in the morning.
  20. Done and done. Vanilla strings, ho! (I used the Character quotes section from the wiki so anything missing, just let me know.)
  21. Sorry guys. Migraine coming on. Will try to finish it today but it may have to wait til tomorrow.