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  1. Two things that jump out to me on the map are the sinkhole rock and the lone lumpy tree. I wonder if any coordinates point to them.
  2. I can confirm that the intermission page has not changed since the end of the last puzzle.
  3. So could these possibly mean anything? Possibly something in game that would involve these that would fit into the prototype page?
  4. Try drawing lines on the map to make a coordinate grid using the markings. That might lead somewhere. You're thinking of magpies. I've never heard that about crows.
  5. I'd just like to point out that Wilson is not quite the best in REAL science. All of these science parts could lead nowhere and just be a red herring.
  6. Guys! If possible, try finding out what the chemicals are using this: I'm having a little difficulty to use it but I think it might be useful.
  7. On the map in the bottom right, there's some sort of chemical there. I can see hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and fluorine. Do we have a chemist in the house?
  8. Could the notes be some sort of... coordinate or something?
  9. If the descriptions are in there... is it possible for someone to delve into the files and find out what those descriptions actually mean?
  10. All characters besides the two new ones have had Wilson's lines for the whole DLC (well, except Maxwell who got his lines last update). The rest got their lines this update.
  11. Of the remaining unimplemented characters, 2 are female, 2 are male and 2 are... presumably male, but you really can't be sure. But Winnie looks booooring compared to Waverley! Of course, Klei could make another character not in the files.
  12. Dat necro. Well, there's nothing to confirm Pyro either way. If anything, there's more to suggest that it's a female, if we're following stereotypes. And besides, I don't think you can really call Wx-78 a boy... There's at least 6 other characters in the files that aren't implemented, all of which I'm sure people would prefer. I also doubt they need to return the favour considering Valve already gets a cut of the profits from selling Don't Starve on Steam, as well as (at least, I presume) they would have probably paid to have TF2 promotional items.
  13. "For as long as you can" is definitely Wx-78.
  14. Klei, if there's another DLC you HAVE to put this in!
  15. I love the idea of a summer desert/winter ice biome!
  16. That... is a fantastic idea! The idea of lake that dries up is brilliant!
  17. I believe the process takes longer to get it onto PS4. Remember they have to get it ported and checked and stuff. I have no idea how long this process takes but August doesn't seem impossible.
  18. Do volt goats currently respawn? I heard conflicting stuff, but that could be anoying for the new weapon if they don't...
  19. Magic already got a lot of attention with gemology and ancient items. I doubt we'll be seeing any more magic items for a while, at least until the next DLC, if that happens. (HINT HINT KLEI)