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  1. Well... Why not the axtinguisher turn into the lollichop when insane?
  2. Pfft. Magic had its time with the ancient altar. Now is the time of SCIENCE!
  3. Anyway, after our quick detour through the magical world of gender, shall we get back on topic before this gets messy, as it inevitably would, most likely?
  4. Did Klei learn NOTHING of the controversy this caused? I hope it's just an official mod...
  5. Left 4 Dead is an FPS zombie game with slight survival aspects. It's pretty much nothing like Don't Starve, unless you meant something else.
  6. It seems my point got put across poorly, but this is my exact point. I'm not saying it should not be possible to cause destruction to an enemy's base. I think it's perfectly fine to have it as an option. However, as it's put here, all they need it a torch. That takes quite literally a matter of seconds to find materials for and make and it can instantly destroy and enemy's base with current fire spread. What about something like Bigfoot? I'd be willing to bet that could take out a base even quicker than fire, nor is it particularly hard to make. Just one click and then hours of work gone. This sort of thing is fine in the base game, since you're going to avoid doing it in your base at all costs, but in DST other people could destroy your base instantly.
  7. As I said, my point still stands. Just because people are friends doesn't mean they're going to want to be a team, and all's fair in love and war.
  8. Griefing. Griefing is the main problem I'm worried about. Easily destroying expensive buildings and/or whole bases with: -Hammer -Deconstruction staff -Fire -Gunpowder -Bigfoot -Giant -Fire hound attack in someone else's base -Etc. These need to be severely weakened or something to stop an enemy strolling into your base, only needing 2 GRASS AND 2 TWIGS and having the capability to reduce all your work to ash.
  9. I agree, it's better than dying completely, but it's still far from the best like the title states. And raiding bases really is something, ideally, I'd like to think wouldn't be as easy as you say, considering how destructable bases can be.
  10. That's quite a heavy claim to state that's the "best" solution to death. It just doesn't sound either fun or punishing enough, especially since it would be perfectly possible to achieve whatever it is you need to do to come back to life if you have a well established base with plenty of supplies to craft food, armour, etc. So far, I just haven't seen any death mechanics that, in my view, would work well.
  11. My main concern is griefing. The mechanics of the hammer, deconstruction staff, fire, Bigfoot, destructive giants will all need to be altered to prevent someone running into your base and singlehandedly destroying it. In the base game, it's incredibly unforgiving, but you won't intentionally start a fire in your base. With this, someone could and burn it all down in seconds.
  12. My apologies, in that case. It just seemed like it at the time.
  13. Replace RoG with Togetherness using Microsoft Paint and then it is.
  14. Speaking of which, he's pulled some woman into what is essentially her inescapable doom just because he's lonely. What a scumbag.
  15. @JoeW Just a couple of questions which I presume you'll be able to answer now without giving too many details... Will this be a free expansion? Will this contain additional content, in terms of craftables, mobs, etc.? Edit: I can't read. Edit 2: At all, apparently.
  16. One thing that I have to say... Groveling and begging... Please don't make any multiplayer only characters...
  17. The devs (specifically, Kevin) said a while back that Wendy (and therefore Abigail) is a young girl around 9-13.
  18. All of these people posting their speculations about lore as fact... Stop it.
  19. One time I died while freezing, starving and being attacked by MacTusk, Deerclops and a tallbird. This was before the morgue so it could have any of them.
  20. You're looking at a comic about a crazed man building an interdimensional portal with berries, crowns, rocks and planks. I think we're beyond the point of realism here. Besides, maybe he patched it up with... I dunno, nightmare fuel?