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  1. broken noses ya dont like themim allmost as sad as this picture
  2. It does NOT look like Wilson at all!! It looks like your grandmother having a metal organs in it!!(looks almost like that:abnormal:)Everyone can draw something like this! IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111(im talking with sienc macine)
  3. thats me with a Wes hairstyle:biggrin-new:
  4. Here is my Robot Wilsonlast one for today
  5. Actuly I know but I was lasy making it and really awesome stuff coming on Monday please wach!!
  6. yes my name IS realy georg and my favrote number is 25 so yea. Please check out my friends joonfish25s gallery OH! and wach ``Rub Some Bacon On It`` cool song!!
  7. lot better things coming on monday