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  1. So, I'm not good at all at computer art or coding. Tried many times could someone perhaps help me with the art and making the character itself, really love don't starve and would love to create a character I have in mind. If you'd like I could perhaps give some of my TF2 stuff to whoever might be able to help me create the character.
  2. So I was looking through the steam workshop and I happen to notice a problem with one of the character mods, It seemed to be crashing for players and himself. I had contacted him further to see what the problem was and he had told me "Upon trying to load it in, it automatically crashes." I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix problems like this for a character or on how to code and fully work a character and put it into DST. I also have a screenshot that might also be able to help with this problem but might also be useless. (but better trying then not right?)
  3. Hey, I kept seeing really cool character mods on the steam workshop, but I'm not very good at designing graphics for characters and items and also coding. So I thought why not see if anyone on the Klei forums could help me make this character I really wanted for DST. Under this text is all the information on the character on how he looks like, his name and what stats and buffs/de-buffs he should have in the game. If some of these options have to be scraped or changed a bit while making it then that's fine too, But I would like a character like this. Name: Drake Nickname: The Vampire Hunter Motto: This world shall shine once more. Health: 120 Sanity: 160 Hunger: 150 Perks/Buffs: Starts with Lighter x2 faster De-buffs: Low Health/Sanity/Hunger What he looks like: Hair: Black spikey hair Head: Goggles Skin: Pale skin Eyes: Green/Emerald eyes Clothing: Red trench coat w/ Golden buttons Background Story: Drake is a well known legendary vampire hunter until one day he had went missing. He had woken up to only to find his lighter next to him as he looked up to a portal that was as bright as a star but the light had disappeared. Drake thought his hope was gone until he had looked around him, he had to survive and make sure he could get back to his homeland in time before it is destroyed by vampires.