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  1. And how do you know that? o:
  2. who holds the record?

    That is not the record.
  3. who holds the record?

    Some people have survived over 2800+ days. I have survived about 100-200ish.
  4. They are more balanced.. They all have their own positives and negatives now. Before, they mostly had positives.
  5. Haha Right now Wes > Wolfgang. Poor Wolfie.
  6. True. My favorite character is Wickerbottom probaly. Those books are really handy. My second favorite character would probaly be Woodie, because of Lucy and Woodie's powarz :3
  7. Your opinion on Woodie?

    True.. I wish that health, sanity and hunger would be at 100 or something like that instead of 50.
  8. What's his terrible secret?/power?
  9. mm.. didn't know wilson could make a tasty bread.
  10. That also makes me think, that the new character might be Wallace.
  11. Probaly Wortox yeah. He probaly becomes a (Super-)Krampus when he doesn't or does some naughty stuff.
  12. I think the new character is either Wilton or Winnie.
  13. But can sleep at dusk?