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  1. I misread the RPG HUD description - The neat versions HAVE status, the others need AOS. This is why I shouldn't do this at 4 AM.
  2. AoS crashes the game when used with RPG HUD in Nightmares update (latest hotfix) Tried: RPG HUD 25 neat with AOS for RPG 25, AOS for RPG 55 and AOS Bars. The only combo that works is RPG HUD 25 Neat with AOS Icons, but there are no icons, I have 3 bars, all smooshed in the center, with temperature and naughtiness both under the clock and over the inventory. I removed and rewritten the folders for both, still repeatable. I can't figure out how an icons zip file can display bars if there is something wrong on my end. Are you sure the files are all in order?