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  1. Alex

  2. Spider Cage

    Can you make version, which make spider that must eat to survive? Current version is too easy by this.
  3. Mysterious notes?

    I did it! I wrote in this ( the 8 rocks, 4 berries and 5 silk. Edit: Oops, I didn't read other posts.
  4. Why not new seasonals koalefants?
  5. Easter Egg Hunt

    Maybe they will appear in special spring event?
  6. My ideas (sorry for language, I'm not from England): Bearger 2500hp (500 more) Faster and more often used charge. Faster melee attack. While he's in charge boomerangs and darts don't hurt him. Deerclops Faster movement. Smaller area of smash, but faster animation. Special attack: Deerclops moves really fast and touches player - it deals 0dmg, but freezes the character. Only if character is at medium or big distance. Goose 1500hp Moslings help her. Shout is rarely used, but takes all inventory. If more damaged, faster move and more often shout. Dragonfly Slower movement. Gunpowder doesn't damage him. Uses lava spit in enraged mode. Lava is bigger and makes you cold slower. If player is too far from his attacks, he uses a tongue to drag player closer to him and burn the character. Edit: Better grammar.
  7. New immigrants

    Oh, also add little better AI and make the Mining Helmet is light.
  8. New immigrants

    Good mod, but make other prefab, no use frog. Also, lots of them are in water :/
  9. Grounded Camera

    I don't download it yet, but already LOVE it!
  10. Don't Starve The Betas

    This nearly download the 10TB mod, and dont know why.
  11. Pets

    This mod is great!
  12. The Heavy

    If the graphic was change, this will be a good mod.
  13. Pets

    Sounds interesing, I will test this mod. Can you add taming all types of spiders? They are my favourite animals.
  14. Webber Mod[WIP]Tweak-time!(crash fixed)

    That mod is great! After adding next powers, can you delete Night vision and Grueproofing? This making him overpowered.
  15. Wilson's Friendship Wand

    I can have only one friend