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  1. Hello!I wrote a story about my gameplay experience in Don't Starve and my struggle for survival. I use a combination of words, screenshots and drawings to tell the story presented to you. It can be found here:http://storiesandsavefiles.blogspot.ca/2013/05/dont-starve-with-willow-01.htmlI just started and spent about two weeks on this part of the story. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated!Thank you
  2. My Story and Experience as Willow

    This is a bump to post part part 04!This chapter has Willow in Adventure mode, finds loot off skeletons and discovers a new town on the other side of the bay!Here's a few images for preview:Updates Mondays, and thank you much for taking a look!
  3. Hello!I have posted the third chapter of a mixture of writing, drawing, and screencaps in my Don't Starve experiment! The link to check it out is-here-Any comments or feedback would be appreciated! Thank you.
  4. My Story and Experience as Willow

    I have updated with Chapter two. Click here to read. A screenshot let's play may be an accurate labeling of this, but you have to learn somehow. Thank you for reading!