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  1. ESS 7 (Eset Smart Security 7),for some reason it is devouring my RAM and also fails to release physical memory (it runs up to 250MB) once it is done with some operation if my pc is running for a quite some time,to make things worse it didn't enter in game mode and it should have when i started Don't Starve.Also ESS lately has bad habit to somehow invoke lssas,exe (Local Security Authentication Server) which goes up to 350MB of RAM and also slowing down everything.So its nothing on your end I will just change AV because as much as i am impressed with ESS 7 improvements i am also very very disappointed on how poor it is optimized compare to previous versions.
  2. @Stanima Weird my game on other hand started to lag much more than it used,actually it was running smoother.I will probably re-install game and start from start because everything is fine with my GPU drivers,directx and net framework as with hardware itself.I will re-edit if anything after i do this changes if its matter to anyone.And to point out that my game only lagged when i do something crazy like light very very big forest and light effects go crazy,otherwise it never did lag. Never mind i solved problem.
  3. Beside bug squashing,I think they made pretty obvious point that it is over with free updates after this one,which is reasonable they fulfill the end of their bargain (six months of free content).
  4. Am i the only one who is little disappointed with upcoming last update ?
  5. So i guess that update for standalone version,is going to be released when everything is sorted out with steam version (i.e bugs ..) ?But this time it is taking way longer then it was before why is that (its 5 Oct and i am still on 85163 and for the first time i am regretting for having DRM free version and not steam ...)
  6. Worst dead ?I think it was my third try when i though that i learned a lot after many trials and mistakes.And guess what,it was around six day,I was chopping wood and it turned into Treeguard....