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  1. Aaah, you post so much art i have trouble keeping up with it haha. I just want to leave a generic "I like your art" comment since giving feedback on each piece would take me a whole day. Im liking all these shadowification pictures, theyre pretty badass.
  2. That's why Diek√ľnstler has 5 votes and you have none, right? Following your formula of votes=Reknown+postcount, should'nt you have more votes? Im just trying to understand the correlations at work here.
  3. Whoops, i forgot about the competition, and when i eventually remembered it was too late for me to draw something. Oh well, next time i guess. Voted for Raven Crow, love the designs on the birdies, and very well drawn.
  4. I'm on it, both of the requests, but they might take some time before they're done as im working alot on my game and i put my priority there: :]
  5. Chester shot me with a sleepdart. Silly box spits my items back at me.
  6. This was EXACTLY what i saw when i first looked at the image, awesome edit haha.
  7. I don't really have any critique to give, but i do have compliments. The first image is very pleasant to look at, it's so soft and calm. The more "dontstarvian" images are good too, you replicate the style enough for it to fit but still manage to keep some personal touch to it. I look forward to seeing more from you.
  8. Alright, the poll is over! Time to announce the winners:1. Gerbilsock with 6 votes wins ~20 euro worth of steam games2. Cryptic Rabbit with 5 votes ~10 euro worth of steam games3. Willette with 4 votes ~5 euro worth of steam gamesConglaturation eez in ordehr!I will contact teh winnarz by PM.Thank you all for participating, i hope this was a fun little event thing.
  9. Very good job on this one, you can really see the progress between your pictures. I like the idea and the execution of it. Keep it up.
  10. Time to vote for your favorite robot Wilson image! The poll will close automatically in two days. (On may 18th.) 1. Chuwables.18 2. Cryptic Rabbit 3. Georg25 4. Gerbilsock 5. Lord_Battal 6. MilleniumCount 7. RichardFell 8. ScienceMachine 9. Warden 10. Willette Feel free to add comments with feedback on the pictures and what not, i'd like to keep this thread visible for a couple of days until the poll is over.
  11. I despise the tallbirds, even the small ones, but you actually managed to make it really cute.
  12. Im gathering all the images and making sure what images people who submitted more than one image want to be in the contest. After im done with that im going to open up the poll.
  13. Very cool, love the design. He looks incredibly creepy with those eyes. Haha that's alright. Not a valid entry, but good art none the less. Welcome to the forums! Yeah, you don't have alot of time if you want to enter the contest, deadline is tomorrow. :I
  14. Very cool character, fits snugly in with the rest of the Don't Starve characters, i'd love to see him in the actual game.
  15. I know i said "who can DRAW the best robot wilson" but i'll accept any visual media. You're in.
  16. Pretty artwork ye got there! The lower image gave me a good chuckle.
  17. That will do just fine! I actually like it, it looks pretty abstract.
  18. It looks rather simplistic, but i hope you'll like it anyway. I wasnt sure what era or country you wanted the soldiers to be from so it ended up as something british-looking.EDIT: They're supposed to be ghosts, but i forgot to make them semitransparent to each other. oh well.
  19. I *might* sometime, but i don't really feel like it at the moment. I mostly want to draw Don't Starve stuff right now.
  20. So badass. [MENTION=1667]MilleniumCount[/MENTION] , Lol'ed heartily.
  21. Aaah. I love your style, so much expression and life.
  22. I knew i should've added it. I'd say yes, 1 per person, so not someone shelves out 10 images or something. If you make another image later that you're more satisfied with you're free to swap it, although after the poll is opened thats final. :)Post all images you make if you want, and tell me which you want in the poll.
  23. Those treeguards are evil, and i hate them. They never stop chasing you why do they exist I really like the robot Wilson picture, well drawn and funny.