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  1. I had such problem but only with packim baggims.
  2. Sealnado appeared at night at hurricane season. It started with whirlpool attack near beehive. When it stopped I noticed that sealnado destroyed bees (and probably beehive). I hit twice, runaway, dodged attack and game crashed to desktop immediately. log.txt
  3. Hello, I found out that placing thermal stone in backpack during RoG Autumn and in all SW seasons raises my character temp to the max causing overheating (thermal looks neutral in backpack). Moving thermal to main character inventory seem to not causing such behavior. I've disabled all mods. Screen attached for RoG Autumn and SW Hurricane.
  4. When entering a cave for first time world generates... and generates couple minutes without effect. After opening a console I only these entries multiple times: scripts/screens/worldgenscreen.lua(188,1) RESTARTING GENERATION After couple minutes I pressed alt+f4 to interrupt infinite loading. Game crashed. Log attached. I have both RoG and SW. EDITED: after restarting a game cave was able to generate. PS1. After searching a bug tracker I found this issue: It looks like that at least cave generation part is common. PS2. is it possible to enable console logging to *file* to better detect bugs? log.txt
  5. Will do, somehow I didn't received email info about your post. EDIT: I guess that that *could* be fixed in recent update, sorry for my big delay, If I stumble across that bug again I'll post it immediately.
  6. If possible I would like to cancel world messing problem - read about in in wiki, sorry. Anyway, my current save still have this cannot-place-campfire problem.
  7. That's a bit long story but I'll be as precise as possible. To be precise I used a Combined status mod but let me explain all of it because I've also stumbled upon this kind of bug with messed season couple months ago but with no mods whatsoever. But first things first: I've created a DS default world couple months ago as Wilson - the day was ~90, before 2nd winter. I've made a teleportato but haven't used it yet to escape. I've created today a SW world (with Combined Status mod enabled) and played as Wendy but I've changed all seasons to very short. Luckily I've managed to reach 3rd season (monsoon) and found out Seaworthy boat. Before I've merged my SW world with previously described DS default world I had built campfire (not placed). So... I've used seaworthy boat to merge this SW and aforementioned DS world. So... I am now in my DS world as Wendy. I went to teleportato, activated it but I refused to escape. Then when I wanted to previously built campfire near teleportato game crashed. Oh well, so I've disabled this mod. Next I've loaded this save again and also wanted to build campfire but... I can see only animation that Wendy is building but after that nothing happens. So I've used teleportato to regenerate world and chose Wickerbottom. What amazed me my DS regenerated world took me straight into SUMMER season. Is this because I was in 3rd season in SW (monsoon) and it switched me after regeneration to 3rd season in DS (summer, assuming that 1st is autumn). Why game by default enabled RoG during world regen when I was playin' DS only? Is it because seaworthy boat can be placed only in DSRoG map? When requested I can provide my savegame. I've attached screenshot from my newly regenerated world 2.
  8. Haloo, I went Woodie's 2nd form a.k.a. Beaver. I died. I can't open map When I get to portal to revive myself I'm still in Beaver form Thank you in advance, Tom