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  1. The catapults have been reported to attack walls, unfortunately. Might need a friendly fire buff to stop that.
  2. The catapults are proving to be quite better than originally expected against some of the bosses if you keep aggro off the rock slingers, I'll give them that. I definitely acknowledged their power, it was just against the speedier foes that they were airballing, lol. I still stand by that the 5 hunger per craft is a little too punishing though, as well as that the generators should have an off button.
  3. I meant Battle Spear damage, lol. I'm too used to playing as Wigfrid. I've since updated it.
  4. The drop system's trying to trick people into crafting Grass Armour, rip. Jokes aside, you're probably just really lucky, I'm sure the Elegants still have a lower drop rate (probably). I don't see this being a "bug" (probably).
  5. I was looking forward to Winona being potentially a nice character, as before she was quite lackluster. Unfortunately from the get go, it was clear she still has glaring faults that sink her to a lower tier: The hunger loss per craft is too crippling at 5 per craft. With the amount of crafting you do in the early game for every little thing, new tools, light sources, refining materials to go into larger crafts, you lose more hunger than a Wolfgang by comparison. If this were 2.5 hunger lost per craft, It would still be a decent penalty, but as it stands Winona's the biggest food vacuum right now. With the her slower crafting kicking in at 50 hunger, it only takes 18 crafts to drain 100 hunger. Paired with the standard hunger loss over time, it really is a little bit of an issue. There's also the possibility of increasing her hunger gauge from 150-200 as an alternative, but with that you run the risk of her having higher hunger overall when not crafting anything in the mid to late game. It's better to nerf the hunger loss per craft in my opinion. Her Generator not being able to be turned off, this is something many find to be a large issue as well. It will drain within a day quite easily when hooked up to a meager 2 catapults while not really being used. I've seen that there is slight worry that it would be "too good" if you were able to turn it on/off or have an Emergency Mode, but I must disagree, for reasons I'll cover below with the Catapult itself. On top of that, it costs Nitre or Gems, making it quite difficult to refuel in the early game (Nitre isn't as plentiful as Rocks [materials] are, it could possibly use a buff to 3 Nitre dropped from each normal rock mining point, since Winona will be using so much of it now). There is also the option of making a Charcoal powered generator. Above all though, an off switch would likely be the best option. Edit: There's been pretty concrete proof that the catapults are pretty good vs Bosses, so if they were more accurate, that may make them pretty OP. The only buff they might actually need is not to attack allied fences/walls. The Catapult itself is sadly also lackluster, mostly due to its lack of accuracy. I know that it's meant to be a "power in numbers" type of unit, but the tracking on it isn't stellar for faster targets. It will airball on hounds / spiders that are chasing a player quite often, and might even be the primary target for the mob if there are no fences around it (Frog Rain possibly will be the largest destruction of Catapults). Rocks go into a fair amount of things early game for everyone on the server, so at 15 rocks per unit for something that isn't terribly accurate, I can't really justify making any over Tooth Traps- especially with how much fuel it drains. The damage it does is the same as a Battle Spear, which is honest damage that I'm fine with, but it's still pretty inaccurate- since it doesn't end up getting a lot of direct hits, it might need a Splash Radius buff. There is a lot of promise in Winona now, but in worrying about her becoming Overpowered, she's sadly still Underpowered. Clearly we don't want massive buffs that will break the game, but just a couple nudges here and there that will make her more balanced overall while still having her downsides. Cheers for reading, as well as making such a fun game and keeping it updated, Klei. I hope that my input helps to make Winona a more well rounded character!
  6. Heh, yeah, I figured that out earlier before the drops changed to the big tent luckily, but thanks for verifying mate! Is much appreciated.
  7. Update, I've gotten my Steam drops, but not my PS4 drops it seems. I primarily play on PS4 at the moment, and only just gained access to a laptop to check my Steam version. I got the "thanks for watching" and all 3 drops, which just leaves the conundrum as to why the PS4 version isn't rewarding me. Has anyone else had something like this occur? My thanks in advance.
  8. Smoking cigars is bad for ye, gives ye lung cancer and whatnot. I doubt Klei wants to promote that since so many kids play the game as well. Just my two pence on the matter. As for actual character changes, Wilson getting something science related to craft would be neat. Also something to make Willow an actual character would be nice, maybe remove her randomly burning things when she's insane (if that's still in the game, I know it was at one point, but I don't play Willow, lol). Naturally Woodie would need a bit of a buff, probably to beaver form. Webber is also kind of lackluster. Give Wes another meme to make the game harder as well, heh.
  9. Hey there. I need a bit of a helping hand. I just recently linked my accounts together, Steam, PS4, and Twitch, to gain access to the Twitch Drops. Everything went off fine, it says all of my accounts are connected, but after six hours in a stream with drops activated I'm not getting so much as the avatar or the background, unfortunately also meaning I'm not getting the Spectacular Wayfinder itself. I'm not finding much on this matter through other searches, so I thought to ask here to check if I need to give it time or if it should be almost instantaneous after the timers have reached the mark, or if it might be a problem with Steam & PS4 being linked to my Twitch account, as opposed to one or the other. I am also watching Twitch via the Twitch app on my PS4, I'm not sure if that would impact it at all or not. My thanks for checking in and giving me a helping hand, hopefully we can get this sorted out.