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  1. Version


    This is a character file which can be added to the game using characterpack by Heavenfall. This beautiful skin was created by Lexicroft. You will need to download that mod and install it in order for this to work. Once you have done so download this character and unzip the file. Edit modsettings to say: ModManager:AddMod("HF_unlockmiku") It is a work in progress. You can download, install, and play the character however she still has Wendy's portraits for character selection and saving. Some of her quotes and her title need updated as well, but she is playable.
  2. Hmmm... I have to admit I had to check the date to make sure this wasn't a trick. I've never been concerned one way or another about multi-player but I have to say now that I know it's happening I'll be excited to try it. Perhaps I will even get my brother to play. The very fact that I wouldn't have to buy anything extra means I could spend the $20 to get a copy for him.
  3. Mini Tools

    Google "Don't Starve console commands" and it'll take you to the wiki which has all of them.
  4. Attack Controls

    I shall continue to use the mouse for 99% of the game. I'm not sure why it worked out that way for me, but I'm even too lazy to use the keyboard to turn so I have to reactivate the turn buttons when I use RPG HUD. I usually only use the space bar when the clicking seems to have a problem. Hopefully that means this doesn't really affect me much and I am wasting your time with this post
  5. Mini Tools

    Test Tools is no longer functioning and picking out the bits that don't work to get it functioning again is a lot harder than picking out the ones that do work and making a new mod. Also, this allows Test Tools to remain in case someone does want to fix it but allows us to continue using what works without interfering in that process.
  6. Tiki Torch

    I agree that I'd like a slightly more Don't Starve-ish style, but otherwise thank you very much! I no longer have to envy those darn pigs and their torches!
  7. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    The ones with a red line work with Nightmares. The ones with Yellow are the "neat" versions. Look at the images above to see if you like the layout for those. The blue marked versions are the regular kind. The numbers refer to how many inventory slots you get. If you want to get the biggest number of inventory slots get the 55. I usually go with Default - 55.rar
  8. Mini Tools

    Wonderful! That covers most of what I do anyway. I greatly appreciate all of the work you've done to keep this mod going. Especially with all of the crazy changes.
  9. Bored at work, figured I'd doodle. This is what the other items in Woodie's inventory think of Lucy.
  10. Haha, true, thanks. Hopefully it'll calm down at work and I'll have time to spend on something "serious". Until then, here's more silliness.
  11. I think it's all about William getting forbidden knowledge, just like what he does to Wilson. Basically his act was in the dumps and no one was interested in seeing it. He owed money around town, and was fairly miserable. So he decides to head west as his brother (I think it was) suggested. On the way this accident happens and he gets the book. While going through the book he realizes that with power like this he can make his show amazing and actually make a comeback, but he doesn't want to associate with his failure of an act from before so he creates a stage persona. As he uses the powers from the book and performs these rituals they start taking their toll on him and aging him prematurely, though perhaps the power that it gives him explains the fact that his eyes seem to get better. He hires an assistant, goes about performing using this dark power, and at some point something bad happens and he ends up in the DS universe. I haven't actually finished Adventure Mode but my assumption is that he has to find someone to take his place if he wants to get back to our world so he starts pulling people in who are also looking for something to make their lives better. I know most, if not all, of this has already been said but I felt it needed to be consolidated.
  12. Ummm, yes it does. Once you've hit it it fights back. Not well, but it tries, haha. So I guess I'm saying it will fight back, it just won't attack first. One does not simply attack a frog.Edit: Though, apparently one does simply attach an invalid file to their post without meaning to and is then unable to remove it.
  13. Baby Koalafant.You know you want it.
  14. hello people

    LoL, I knew I didn't write that clearly. I meant this specific "discussion". Derailment and chatter happens all the time, but I rather enjoy it.
  15. Post-Launch Roadmap

    Yeah, I noticed that. I'm sad now.
  16. I edited his file and gave him a speed boost, it helps but it's still not great. I get a little tired of losing him and having to go back and get him. I'm starting to wonder if he just stops and sits still if you get too far away.Also, the first time I saw lightning it hit Chester. I was like "No!!!! I just found you and I don't even know what you are!" Thankfully he survived. In fact most of the time he survives the lightning from what I've seen.
  17. hello people

    Yeah, I was wondering about that myself. I've never even seen this topic on the forums until now. OP, I'm sorry your thread got derailed. This is actually not remotely typical of these forums. We're happy to have you and hope you will overlook our Monday afternoon silliness.
  18. hello people

    It's okay. They're right, there are no girls on the internet. We're all women here.Back on topic, welcome to the forums! Don't let this bit of silliness scare you off.
  19. Whoops

    I would LOVE a random map generation. I always find it fairly silly to know when winter is coming.
  20. Razors

    I like beefalo and usually try not kill them. Therefor I like having the razor.
  21. cool mods

    I wouldn't say they are cheating. What's great about this game is that you can play it however you want. Since you are not playing against anyone else, and the game is essentially unwinnable in sandbox mode (all you can do is escape to another world) then the game is more about the gameplay itself. What's wrong with tweaking that to one's personal tastes?I am pleased that Improved Inventory sounds good to you but I wont be suggesting anything else if the responses I will receive receive will seem so snide.Happy Surviving to you.