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  1. I'm deciding to make this into a character mod in my free time. With all the tutorials and stuff out there, yeah. Yeah. Why shouldn't anyone play as a French starving artist? I'll do my best and keep everyone to date on progress and result. My only big problem would the heck do I get a clarinet for her soundbox? :S
  2. I've gotten addicted to Don't Starve for some time so I've started this to show my fanart. First one is a fan character and omg, game design applied to her. All this after playing Don't Starve and doing character progress for four straight days with little sleep. Weee. ----- THE STARVING ARTIST Name: Wonne (pronounced as 'Wonn'. Never pronounce the last letter in a french word unless it's a 'te' or 'de')Motto: “Je vais mettre ce couteau à palette dans tan oreille!*” Voice: Clarinet Sanity: 200 Health: 150 Hunger: 125 Melee damage: 1.0x Perk: * Can paints random wormholes * Been through tougher times during her art career * Speaks and curses in French Wonne is a French, headstrong, obdurate, independent artist with a sharp tongue. Because of her career as a starving artist before dropping into the world in Don't Starve, she is more durable against harsh situations - except damage intake, darkness - than other characters. She has less hunger and a slow hunger rate, which means she doesn't need to eat a lot and frequently - good for surviving with less food supply. In winter, if Wonne is clothed or with warm heat sources (carrying a charged Heat Stone or equipping a Torch), freezing will be negated longer. However, if not, she will take 1.75 damage each second (0.50 more damage than other characters) when freezing occurs. Her special perk is her ability to paint random wormholes, allowing her freedom to teleport from any location to another random location: ideal for escaping from enemies in tight situations. However, if used carelessly, she is most likely to lose sanity easier than other characters. Additionally, she must have a Paint Brush and a paint source in order to use the perk. Origin: Wonne lived in Paris, France, during a time when art made by women were considered as craft by the major male society instead of fine art. She chose to be an artist because of her passion for arts and rather be succumbed to the same fate women commonly did - faithful obedient wives to overpowering husbands. Despite her poverty and attitude - would literally bring a palette knife to the carotid artery if angered -, she has been the target of interest to men because of her shrew personality and red beauty, hence wanting to tame her - much to her annoyance. Regardless of most people pushing her to drop her career, she strove on to make a living and to hopefully create a masterpiece to the world and earn respect that a woman can make fine art. She has not successfully sold most of her work but problems of a starving artist - little money, less food, even warmth - has never gotten to her. Recently, her artwork has consisted of paintings about a different world - with strange rabbits in the fields, hairy big-horned cows in grasslands, disturbing beasts in dark places - which she herself seemed to get them on a whim and was unsure where or what inspired her to paint them. One day, after another unsuccessful day of selling her paintings with an earning of two francs at the local marketplace, she is encountered by a strange merchant who offered her a very sinister looking art box but with the finest materials she has ever seen. Although suspicious, she managed to bargain him with giving 1 franc and a painting of a chained faceless man on a black throne for the box. Before she began using the box, she was then reluctantly invited to a social gathering on behalf of her supportive relative. It was there that she was forcefully wooed by an arrogant aristocrat, which Wonne took it upon herself to seize a fork and stab it into his eye. She was taken to court the next day and while prosecuted for attempted murder (the aristocrat lived), she was instead pardoned and no given a severe sentence because she was a woman - society's ways of lessening justice's impact on the female guilty. Wonne became offended by this, as she did want to be given punishment like any man should. With the building frustration from the last event and men's drafgging power over women's rights, she stomped back to her small little apartment room and with that fueling her artistic skills, she used the art box and painted a brilliant horrific work of art - a way to show back at the world. However, when completed, it turned out to be another of Maxwell's demonic traps - the merchant being Maxwell. Demonic hands loomed out of the painting and dragged her into the mysterious world of wilderness. What Maxwell has in plan for her and why he gave her the ability to paint wormholes is unknown as of late... ----- Craftable Items Paint Brush - It is a tool used to shave. It costs 2 Twigs, 1 Beard Hair and 2 Nightmare Fuel to craft and a Alchemy Machine to prototype. Unlike other tools it cannot be used as a weapon. It has a durability of losing 10% per use and 30% per wormhole painting. Wonne is the only character who can paint wormholes. If used by other characters, they will only use it for painting. Paint - It's a refine item used for painting. There are various types of colors, depending on 1 of the sources used for the cost. It costs 1 Egg, 2 Ashes and 1 natural resource (list below). It stacks up to 20. For each use in painting wormhole, it costs 3 Black Paint and for each use in painting Canvas, it costs 1 of any colored Paint. Red Paint - 1 Egg, 2 Ashes, 1 Red Mushroom Yellow Paint - 1 Egg, 2 Ashes, 1 Flower Green Paint - 1 Egg, 2 Ashes, 1 Green Mushroom Blue Paint - 1 Egg, 2 Ashes, 1 Blue Mushroom Brown Paint - 1 Egg, 2 Ashes, 1 Pine Cone Black Paint - 1 Egg, 2 Ashes, 1 Charcoal Canvas - It's a structure item used for painting. It costs 2 Planks, 1 Rope, 2 Papyrus and 3 Gold to craft and a Alchemy Machine to prototype. It offers an effective action of increasing sanity when using the Paintbrush on it. Each painting costs 10% use of the Paint Brush durability and 1 paint source, increasing sanity by 40. However, it will take 2 real-time minutes in a day-night cycle to complete each painting. It can be deconstructed by a hammer and half of the source costs is regained back.----- And done! We have our starving artist. I'd probably tweak her a bit in case she may still be overpowering but overall, I think she's a reasonable one (critisim is open anyway if you guys think there may be too much power for a character like her if put in Don't Starve). Hope you all like her! I guess if there were to be an update, the painting items above and Wonne as a new playable character would be that update. Along with a few things I could come up for in-game. Yup, I guess I'll use all my knowledge in game design and Don't Starve reference to think of a fan-fictional update. XD Of course, this could give some good ideas for Klei. Heck, I'd be willing to give all this to Don't Starve. That's probably the game designer in me saying that last part. So moving on. Also this is what she's saying in the motto. :3 * "I am going to stick this palette knife in your ear!" Art DA Link: ----- Wonne Character Design Progress Art DA Link: More fanart and Wonne to come! Hope you all enjoy these till then!