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  1. I have noticed the Dedicated Server using dedicated_server_mod_setup.lua file to autodownload and keep uptodate refuses to download mods marked for friends only, so I have to publish it for everyone to see on the steamworkshop, would be neat to have a fix for this, It's a server I run for myself and my friends only, so no need to have the mod visible for the rest.
  2. Oops yeah, noticed the Bearger was an autumm boss, (acidentally forgot pause_when_empty, so ended up at that season after a nights logout) but was this behaviour changed when RoG came for DS? (I haven't really played RoG more then testing it for a few days in DS) But in regular DS before RoG most of my games I could go for many winters before even finding a Deerclops, which felt more natural. Guess this is not an bug then,nevertheless would be nice to have them spawn more random in the world. /Holo
  3. I'm playing on my own Dedicated Server and I have noticed the large bosstype monsters, Deerclops and Bearger confirmed, always seem to spawn in the near vicinity of the player, instead of a more random world spawn as in regular Don't Starve. I feel it takes away some suspense knowing that each winter and spring a Deerclops and a Bearger will attack, For me there was much more enjoyment of the randomness that he -might- spawn nearby the first winter (and wreck everything) or that one had to go hunting for it when one felt prepared. If this is intended behaviour in DST and not a bug, I would very very much like a setting for worldgen to use the regular Don't Starve's random spawn method. /Holo
  4. I must say, while I adore this game and understand it was an afterthought to even make it as a multiplayer game, but damn this has to be the worst dedicated server software in terms of setup and get to work I have ever seen since the dawn of dedicated servers (heck, it was easier to get TCPIP to run and play over over internet in Dos) Have one bloody setup file take care of everything, (why do we need a server token thing? nothing I ever seen before, copyprotection? won't that suffice from the clients?)