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  1. i have a maxwell card (and 3 invites) id like to trade for wendy. having a hard time getting her on the steam forum, i had 2 to trade and like 4 people only wanted to trade willow (which i got)..

    i'm also an artist and would be willing to trade art for cards, backgrounds, and emotes (especially the smallbird and hound emote!) i can send examples, i've been wanting to post some doodles of DS characters but haven't finished anything~ contact me if interested.

    OT the forum in general now seems to be completely full of people just only due to the cards. not exactly bad because i think it's great that the game is getting so much publicity from it, but it's so weird that the vibe of that forum changed a matter of days imo.

    just add me and we'll trade! or hey feel free to add me anyway, would love to have more DS players on my friends list :D

    ★ saturnine

  2. first off thanks so much for all the fixes so far, everything is great! especially the click-to-storage and hammer thing from the last one... SO much grief over that hammer.

    i had kind of a suggestion that popped into my head a bit ago... i would love to be able to catch bats and put them in birdcages. i usually keep crows but i want a pet bat so, so bad. please, somehow make this happen! i suppose they would function and be caught the same if possible.

    just imagine keeping a crow, a bat, and a smallbird. it would be so awesome. so. awesome.