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  1. Finished can't upload .svg's here so i put it on my server)
  2. I found some time to draw today but i haven't finished the image i'm working on. Just made a screenshot so you guys can see the progress.
  3. No time atm but i will possibly do something the next days... We'll see.
  4. Who likes electronic music? Get new songs from my new blogg: I will update it daily!
  5. Here are my lates results and improvements. Notice that i got better @ line art, the lines are much smoother now! I will work on the other faces but I have left some things to do at home (my focus weren't the hairs but the emotions - so ignore ****ty looking hairs)
  6. Thanks ;D I don't really know why Wilson is Fuuing but if i get bored at school (happens aloooooooooooot) i start to draw random sh1t ^^ Well and im kinda need to practice those whole emotions and get a better idea on perspective and shading - but i'm working on that
  7. Something from school today (sorry, very bad light):
  8. One new picture i drawed after looking through some how to's on drawing (shading, emotions, head proportions) and i think at least the emotion part is better then else, i do think Wilson looks quite shocked! As i have used GIMP for this picture the first time the coloring is not as nice as i want to have it but this will get better with new pictures drawn in GIMP.
  9. OK guys, I lost the files with the layers. This means i have to draw directly into the picture which makes it very difficult to work with. So this is the really final version of the image - no major changes are possible without a hellload of work:(anyway i hope you like it)
  10. [MENTION=8220]Symage[/MENTION] oh sorry i missed the hat, gonna draw that later (or tomorrow). Well i like the feets (the non existing ones), thats the freedom of the artist ;D And evil grin - well I was too stupid to draw one (how the f*ck do i draw an evil grin Oo)
  11. My imagination of [MENTION=8220]Symage[/MENTION] 's scarecrow idea (
  12. Thank you - I'm glad you're liking it
  13. [MENTION=8220]Symage[/MENTION] I finished! My last steps (includes final):