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  1. Buff him, but higher krampus sack drop! 25%-50% will doand make little krampus / krampus Jr. on spawning too

    I can get behind this. Currently I am not stress at all on naughtiness, at any point in the game. I can't remember the last time that i heard the hissing noise. Would also like to have the naughtiness cap lowered and sack dop chance increased. I also like the idea of him having minions so it is easier for him to steal all your stuff. Facing krampus should be scary as crap until you are ready for it ;b I also think that the random spawn at 100 days and 150 days or something like that should be removed. It does not fit the theme of the game. Krampus should be entirely a consequence for your actions, not a random hound wave sometimes.

  2. I'm pretty sure we're talking about presets here , not setpieces : o.I have one: LimitedAll trees on the map are lumpyOnly 1 pig village, 1 tallbird nest and 1 beefalo herdYou start in a camp with a campfire and a chest with 10 pinecones and 1 tallbird egg. Pretty much a kickstarter if you are very careful.

    Why would you want a tall-bird nest? they just break your heart in the end :(